Kim Hee-sun, how many faces do you have?
Kim Hee-sun, how many faces do you have?
Kim Hee-sun's cool face is captivating viewers. In 'Us, Home', he is having an irreplaceable 'acting party', crossing between black comedy and psychological thriller.

Actress Kim Hee-sun boasts a strong presence in MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Us, Home' and is firmly at the center of the drama.

Kim Hee-sun showed her passion for acting by constantly changing her face every time. In the drama 'Alice', she played two roles and showed intense maternal love and intense action acting. In the drama 'Tomorrow', the character of the original webtoon 'Guryeon', who has a heartbreaking past as a grim reaper who saves people and a 'return girl', was perfectly embodied both externally and internally, leading to favorable reviews at home and abroad. In the movie 'Sweet Sea', he returned to the screen after a long time with his main specialty, a romantic comedy, and showed off his undefeated ability at the box office.

In the recent entertainment show 'Let's Eat or Drink', he is playing an irreplaceable role in 'uniting generations' from the older generation to the MZ generation with his unique easy-going and friendly charm.

In 'Us, Home', Kim Hee-sun completed a unique genre that combines comedy and thriller. The family's hidden secrets are revealed with a mysterious delivery box. Kim Hee-sun portrayed the character Young-won, who is shocked, betrayed, and confused, with restrained and passionate performance. In the process of collaborating with her mother-in-law Sagan (played by Lee Hye-young), the tension and pleasant laughter went back and forth, making the play more enjoyable.

Kim Hee-sun increased the level of immersion in the play with her low-pitched voice and clear diction. At the end of episode 3, Young-won's feelings of betrayal were vividly revealed in the scene where her mother-in-law exploded upon learning that she had tolerated the affair between her husband Jae-jin (played by Kim Nam-hee) and Se-na (played by Yeon-woo). Meanwhile, in episode 4, Youngwon, who had maintained her composure despite the series of betrayals by her family, finally explodes and slams down the steering wheel alone in the car with the six-headed character, causing pain and laughter while simultaneously empathizing with the viewers.

In the ending of the last broadcast, Youngwon was shocked to learn that the car pulled out of the sea at Yokjido was Jaejin's rental car. Expectations are soaring for the thrilling acting party that Kim Hee-sun will hold amidst the whirlwind of developments in the future.

‘We, Home’ will air episode 5 today (7th) at 9:50 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google