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Mystic boy group ARrC, exclusive reality show

‘Mystic new boy group’ ARrC made a mark as an ‘entertainment bud’ through their first solo reality show.Ark (Choi Han, Doha, Hyeonmin, Jibin, Kien, Lioto, Jiwoo) held its first solo reality show 'WORLD OF ARrC' (hereinafter referred to as 'World of Ark'), whic...

Jul 18, 2024

KARD BM, “I hope my music becomes an ‘escape’”

KARD member BM conducted an exclusive interview with a leading American daily newspaper.While BM released his first solo EP 'Element' in May, famous American daily newspaper USA TODAY published an interview article titled 'Talk about BM's solo music' on its official website. .USA...

Jul 18, 2024

KARA's Park Gyu-ri recovers after surgery for 'zygoma and orbital fracture'

Girl group Kara and actress Park Gyu-ri reassured fans by announcing that she had completed her surgery.Park Gyu-ri said, "I heard the surgery went well. Don't worry too much about my people." She added, "I will focus on recovery carefully from now on and come back as soon as possible with a hea...

Jul 17, 2024

PSY releases apology video

Singer Psy revealed his boiled pork mukbang.On the 14th, Psy posted on his Instagram, "After receiving strong criticism for my weight loss, and hearing from a young man named Subong that I was thin, the Daegu 1st Ball audience also said that I was thin, so I mixed boiled pork with salted shrimp, kim...

Jul 14, 2024

Tang Wei, a happy family with ♥Kim Taeyong

Actor Tang Wei celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with director Kim Tae-yong and daughter Summer.Tang Wei wrote, “10 years thinking of the West Lake River,” and released several photos. In the photo, Tang Wei is having a good time taking pictures with her 8-year-old daughter Summer....

Jul 13, 2024

god's 'Chapter 0', pre-sale begins on the 30th

The group god (G.O.D) has revealed the performance title and ticket opening schedule ahead of its solo concert in September.On the morning of the 12th, the ticket opening schedule and performance title for the exclusive concert 'Chapter 0' were revealed through god's official SNS channel...

Jul 12, 2024