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Lee Hee-jun, the ‘sexy guy’ who was completely ruined

Actor Lee Hee-jun shows off his sexy charm.Jae-pil and Sang-gu, whom Lee Hee-jun will never forget once he sees them, dream of living in the country and move into a new house. On the day when an evil spirit sealed in the basement awakens, the sexy and handsome man 'Sang-gu' appears in the th...

May 20, 2024

Behind-the-scenes stills of 'THE ROUNDUP 4' were released

The movie 'THE ROUNDUP : PUNISHMENT'(THE ROUNDUP 4) ranked first in the box office for 26 consecutive days and ranked first in the weekend box office for four consecutive weeks.According to the integrated movie theater ticket network, on the 19th, 'THE ROUNDUP 4' added 147,140 people...

May 20, 2024

‘Crime City 4’ tops the list for 24 consecutive days

The movie 'Crime City 4' (director Heo Myung-haeng) has been receiving a lot of love for 24 consecutive days.According to the Korea Film Council's integrated computer network for movie theater admissions on the 18th, 'Crime City 4' ranked first in the box office, mobilizing 91,04...

May 18, 2024

Lee Joo-bin gave a lively performance to THE ROUNDUP

Actor Lee Joo-bin brought fresh vitality to the play.The movie 'THE ROUNDUP', released last month, sees monster detective Ma Seok-do (played by Don Lee) confront villain Baek Chang-gi (played by Kim Moo-yeol), a former special forces mercenary who runs a large-scale online illegal gambling o...

May 17, 2024

Yeo Jin-goo takes on the challenge of playing an unconventional villain

Actor Yeo Jin-goo takes on his first villain role.The movie 'Hijacking', which depicts the extreme situation that unfolds when a passenger plane is hijacked in the airspace of Korea in 1971, has released character stills of Yeo Jin-goo, who plays the role of hijacker Yong-dae.Yeo Jin-goo tra...

May 14, 2024

Kang Dong-won is always at the center of thoughts

The movie 'The Designer' released a 'reconstruction of an incident' character video that predicts intense immersion.'The Designer' is a movie about a designer named 'Young-il' (Kang Dong-won), who manipulates a commissioned murder into a perfect accidental death and g...

May 13, 2024

Will Ma Dong-seok be caught up in the 7-point rating?

The movie 'Crime City 4' is suffering from somewhat low ratings even though it is approaching 10 million viewers.According to the integrated movie theater ticket network on the 7th, 'Crime City 4' maintained first place in the box office by mobilizing a total of 2.148 million viewers...

May 7, 2024