Saya, who resembles BTS Jungkook, has more SNS followers than Shim Hyung-tak
Saya, who resembles BTS Jungkook, has more SNS followers than Shim Hyung-tak
Actor Shim Hyung-tak mentioned the growing popularity of his wife Saya.

MBC 'Save me! In 'Holmes' (directed by Dahi Jeong, Jinkyung Kim/hereafter referred to as 'Holmes'), actor Shim Hyung-tak and broadcaster Takuya scramble for a prospective Korean-Japanese couple looking for a newlywed house.

On this day's broadcast, a prospective groom who is about to marry a Japanese wife appears as a client. The client, who is currently working as a freelance tour guide, said he met a prospective bride like fate at a cafe in Japan last winter. The two decided to get married after 7 months of dating, but they say that they applied for a story to 'Holmes' because they are having difficulties in preparing a newlywed house. The region hoped that there would be an airport bus stop near Seoul and Gyeonggi-ro, within an hour's drive to Sangwangsimni Station, where the prospective groom's home is located. Above all, I wanted a bathtub in the bathroom for my Japanese wife who enjoys taking a bathtub bath. The budget revealed that up to 800 million won can be sold or chartered.

In Duck Team, actor Shim Hyung-tak and broadcaster Takuya will be on the scramble. At this meeting, Takuya said that it has been 14 years since he came to Korea, and that he has lived on his own for about 5 years. Takuya, who announced that he had recently moved, drew attention by saying, "Japanese people prefer separate toilets and showers."

The two members of the Deok team head to Dapsimni-dong, Dongdaemun-gu with Yang Se-chan. It is a detached house in an old house completed in 1966, but it is said that it has been remodeled in 2022. It was inspired by the current landlord after a trip to Kyoto, Japan, and the wood & beige and kansal patterned interior is said to be reminiscent of a Japanese home.

The three people who looked around the house proceeded to 'Yang Se-chan's Dongducheon Aingyo~' from a corner within a corner. During this process, Shim Hyung-tak said, "Japanese people value privacy, but my wife hates talking about herself on set." Then, this morning, he said, "Stop talking about me~" and told me to crack down on my mouth, causing laughter.

Shim Hyung-tak said, "After my wife appeared on the show, she became very famous. The number of followers on social media increased rapidly, and then she became more than me."

Takuya explains the difference between a Korean house and a Japanese house. He drew attention by saying, “In Japan, monthly rent is common, but a ‘key money’ is paid to the landlord separately from the deposit.” "The 'key money' is a custom in Japan where people who lent a house to a poor person in the past gave money to the landlord as a token of appreciation, and it still continues," he explains.

Then, the three perform a 'sushi restaurant' situational drama. Transformed into a Japanese chef, Takuya stutters in Japanese, causing laughter. Finally, when the drama continues in Korean, Sook Kim points out, “I need to go to a Japanese language school,” causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia translated by google