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'Sweet Home 2' Chae Won-bin, humanizing cats

Rookie Chae Won-bin caught the eyes of viewers in Season 2 of Netflix's 'Sweet Home'. As interest is rising due to the feast of newly introduced characters in the expanded worldview of 'Sweet Home' Season 2, Chae Won-bin's performance is also attracting attention. Chae Won-bin, who debuted with the ...

Dec 5, 2023

V, loyalty to IU MV appearance

Singer IU and BTS V will be together. According to her agency Edam Entertainment on the 5th, IU recently finished filming the music video for her new song with V. The new album is being prepared for the first half of the year. However, it is known that V will enlist in the army on the 11th. Therefor...

Dec 5, 2023

Kim Ho-jung's 'Santa Cruz' airs on TBS in Japan on the 24th

‘Kim Ho-jung’s Santa Cruz’ will be aired on TBS in Japan on the 24th. According to Kim Ho-jung's agency Saengkang Entertainment on the 5th, 'Kim Ho-jung's Santa Cruz', co-produced by SBS FiL and SBS M, was confirmed to air on TBS in Japan at 11:30 pm on the 24th. 'Kim Ho-joong's Santa Cruz', which a...

Dec 5, 2023

Lee Sung-kyung, surprise announcement of new project on the 13th

Actor Lee Sung-kyung is attracting attention by making a surprise announcement of a new project on December 13th. YG Entertainment posted ‘LEE SUNG KYOUNG RELEASE POSTER’ on its official SNS on the 4th. It announced the start of a project that will enrich the end of this year. Against a background o...

Dec 4, 2023