Wife's shocking revelation: "I was assaulted when I was pregnant"
Wife's shocking revelation: "I was assaulted when I was pregnant"
On MBC's 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell', which aired on the 1st, a 'contract couple' who had a 'half-marriage', which is a recent marriage trend, appeared. ‘Half-and-half marriage’ means everything from marriage preparation to housework, childcare, and living expenses. This means splitting all the money and time for the wedding half and half. Dr. Oh Eun-young, who heard of cases where childcare time and money are recorded in 'documentation' beyond 'half-marriage', said, "It is good to share the hard work, but documenting it feels like living in preparation for divorce, so I feel a little uncomfortable." He mentioned it, and MC Moon Se-yoon said, “It’s good if we’re ‘together,’ but since we say ‘half and half,’ it seems like we’re doing business. “It seems like there is no affection,” he said, sharing his opinion on the ‘half-and-half marriage.’

The 'contract couple' who knocked on the door of 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell' as the conflict deepened due to the 'half-marriage'. When the two had a fight over big or small issues, such as moving, house contract, or what to give for a birthday present, they brought out the 'Marital Life Agreement' and wrote new items at the end. The couple is in their first year of marriage and should be enjoying the freshness of being newlyweds, but they have found themselves in 'marriage hell'. The husband who requested the story said, “I was very stressed because (my wife) kept telling me to break up if we fought. He said, “Currently, I feel like we are housemates, and I hope we can have an amicable relationship,” and the wife revealed the reason for appearing, saying, “I hope my husband acts trustworthy.” The MCs who watched the couple's daily life repeatedly responded with regret, saying, "They don't look like a married couple."

The ‘half-and-half daily life’ of the ‘contract couple’ begins at 9 a.m. While the wife was doing housework, the husband came home from work. My husband usually works 3 shifts 24 hours a day and gets off work in the morning. The wife went out as soon as her husband came home. My wife said that she was able to resume the exercise she enjoyed before giving birth after her body recovered. While the wife went out to exercise, the husband did housework. So the wife came back, and the husband left home to go swimming. MCs also responded positively to the idea of dividing household work and personal time into two groups, saying, “It’s good,” and “There is a good division of labor.” Next, the couple came out together to go shopping. As they are living a half-marriage, the two people create a 'joint bank account' for living expenses and show an example of a fair half-marriage by depositing 100,000 won each in front of the cash register.

However, the harmonious appearance was short-lived, and everyone was shocked to see that even childcare leave expenses were included in the half-marriage. The wife was receiving 800,000 won in childcare leave expenses, and the couple's monthly joint living expenses were 1.5 million won per month, so 800,000 won was not enough. Therefore, she said that she basically asked her husband for '1.3 million won in childcare leave expenses' based on the amount spent per month. A wife who received 1.3 million won from her husband said that she would pay him 2 million won if he took childcare leave. In response, the husband complained, saying, “You shouldn’t do the calculation that way.”
Wife's shocking revelation: "I was assaulted when I was pregnant"
Wife's shocking revelation: "I was assaulted when I was pregnant"
The wife's position was that no matter how much her husband received as childcare leave from the company, she would only pay the amount that was insufficient based on the 2 million won she received, while the husband's position was that since he gave 1.3 million won, he should receive the same amount back. There was a difference in the calculation method of the two. It was very mixed. In the end, after an argument, the two brought back the 'Marital Life Agreement' and began revising it.

Additionally, the two people received more money if they took parental leave in the second half of the year. When his wife said that it would be fair for both of them to take leave in the second half of the year, but wondered if it was fair for them to give in, Dr. Oh Eun-young expressed his regret by saying, “The more I listen to the two people’s stories, the more I worry.” He continued, “Money is important. “But isn’t ‘childcare leave’ a vacation paid to raise a child?” he said, adding, “You didn’t talk about childcare and children while talking about childcare leave.”

The 'marital life agreement' was deeply embedded in the couple's daily lives, and there was no exception when giving birthday gifts to each other. The husband expressed his disappointment over not receiving a birthday present from his wife, saying, “Since we each decided to manage our own money, it should be one-on-one when giving gifts.” However, the wife said, “If it is one to one, the amount should be the same,” and “The gift I received was 640,000 won, and the gift my husband wanted was over 1 million won.” In response, the husband said, “Then I will pay the remaining difference of 350,000 won.” In the end, the debate between the two about the amount of the gift ended with them revising the agreement again. In response, MC Moon Se-yoon said, “If there seems to be a bit of a fight, the question comes up, ‘Should we write down an agreement?’ He expressed regret, saying, “How do you even get half of the money for a birthday present?” MC Kim Eung-soo lamented, pointing out, “We just write an agreement, there are no principles.”

Dr. Eunyoung Oh said, “I was surprised by the birthday gift story. “When it comes to a birthday present, isn’t the heart inside it important?” he pointed out. He went on to emphasize, “You can just talk about (your inner feelings), but the key is lack of communication,” adding, “It has become routine to write down a clause in a memorandum, and since we are not painfully aware of the communication problems in marriage, change is unlikely.” “It doesn’t exist,” he explained.

Following childcare leave expenses, another concern the two had was the difference in their positions on ‘moving.’ The husband is currently living in a rented house and wants a stable home even if he has to take out a loan, while the wife wants to stay in a rental house for a while or extend her current home and find a house that suits her financial situation. When the wife said, “Let’s move when we can afford it (financially),” the husband said, “Can you write in the memorandum when you can afford it?” and the memorandum was mentioned again to the couple.

Once the debate over the timing of the sale was over, the topic changed to a debate about the ‘seller’. The two people bought a house in their own names and asked the other to marry them. As the differences in positions were not resolved, the ‘Marital Life Agreement’ was reissued. In response, the husband said, “Financial matters are important when getting married, so I wanted them to disclose each other’s financial situation and work together, but my wife hides it. “Actually, the amount doesn’t matter, I feel it’s a matter of sincerity and willingness to cooperate,” he said. The wife said, “I have a family that I wanted and thought about, but since the reality is so different, I feel like I don’t know when it will break up, so I draw the line with my husband.” “It’s the same,” he confessed. In response, MC Park Ji-min lamented, saying, “There is no real trust, it feels like some kind of drama,” and MC So Yoo-jin also expressed regret, saying, “They don’t look like a married couple.”

Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “It seems that the couple is prioritizing the criteria that can be resolved most cleanly in case they are unable to maintain their marriage.” “If the house is in joint names, it will be a headache, and marriage is a consumable item that does not make money in depreciation, so it seems like we are putting it off to each other,” he said, shocking them even more.

Besides the ‘marriage agreement’, there was something else that was important to the two. It was about leaving ‘evidence’ whenever there was a fight between them. The wife complained, saying, “It’s burdensome for my husband to write everything down in a memo every time he’s unhappy with me or to record every time we fight.” The husband said, “When I counseled couples in the past, I was told that in case of divorce, evidence would be needed for alimony, custody, etc., so I leave evidence just in case.” In fact, my husband's cell phone contained several recording files, ranging from recordings of everyday conversations to titles for each situation at the time of the argument. In response, MC Park Jimin stuck out his tongue, saying, “They are both preparing for divorce.”

In particular, during this process, the wife claimed that her husband hit her, asking, “Why did you throw me on January 1st?” The husband argued that he did not hit his wife, but that he rolled over to remove the mat from under her. My wife also said, “I got a lot of bruises because they pushed me while I was pregnant. He treated me very well before marriage. “I’ve changed so much since I had a child,” he revealed.

The wife also mentioned ‘her husband’s lies’. My husband said that the reason he first got Brazilian waxing was because of swimming classes, but it turned out that swimming classes ended the very next week. The wife was puzzled and asked, and the husband said it was for 'couple relationship', but when she said, "I can't have sex because I'm pregnant," she said that a co-worker gave her waxing tape and that the change in words made her trust less. However, the husband countered by saying, “At that time, it was a period when a relationship was possible.” The wife said that it was not important and pointed out that she had changed her words, but in the end, the husband ended the conversation by saying, “I won’t lie.”

After hearing the couple's story, Dr. Oh Eun-young said to her husband, “You just have to be honest. “If you keep telling clumsy stories, your wife will continue to be suspicious,” he explained. Also, “Anything that is not true is a lie. “Even if the intentions were good, the best way to improve a relationship is ‘honesty,’ not lying,” he said.

On this day, Dr. Oh Eun-young did not present a specific healing report, saying, “The priority is to come to an agreement on whether to live together as a couple and plan for the future.” However, he clearly pointed out that a 'marital life agreement' is not necessary and gave sincere advice, saying, "I think I wrote an agreement because I couldn't communicate, but it is necessary to meet face to face, look each other in the eye, say what you want, keep it, and exchange emotions." Didn't spare anything.

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