Lee Hyun-i had a crush on a part-timer who looked like Seo Kang-jun.
Lee Hyun-i had a crush on a part-timer who looked like Seo Kang-jun.
Model-tainer Lee Hyeon-i shared her experience of ‘Eul’s Love’.

In season 3 of LG U+Mobile TV's original entertainment show 'Trust and Say - Let's Be My Way' (hereinafter referred to as 'Let's Be My Way 3'), which will be released at 00:00 on the 20th, Lee Hyun-i, who has taken over the broadcasting industry from the modeling world, appears as a guest, and MCs take sides. and gives honest and outspoken talks about love, dating, and diet.

On this day, while Han Hye-jin, Park Na-rae, Seokri, and Uhm Ji-yoon showed off fresh fashion that matched the 'fruit' concept of the dress code, Lee Hyun-i dressed up in the look of a fruit store owner and appeared like a model on the runway, bringing laughter.

Lee Hyun-i, who entered the full-fledged talk, introduced the story of 'Am I a Eul?', and as a top model, she also surprised the MCs by taking sides by revealing her past dating experience as a strictly 'Eul'.

Regarding the story, Na-rae Park said bitterly, "I have never been Eul," and told an anecdote about taking a taxi to Gangwon-do for a past boyfriend and spending 200,000 won on taxi fare. Lee Hyun-yi said, “I also spent 200,000 won (for taxi fare),” and held Na-rae Park’s hand and shared a bond of mutual sympathy.

Lee Hyeon-yi told the story of her crush on a handsome part-timer when she was a freshman in college, and she went to buy him sweet potato stew three times a day for five months every day.

Han Hye-jin and the MCs were puzzled, saying, “How handsome is he?” When Lee Hyun-i revealed that he looked like Seo Kang-jun, the MCs were convinced, “What is 20,000 won? I’ll spend 200,000 won,” and pricked up their ears for a drama-like romance. I stopped.

However, Lee Hyun-yi, who had the opportunity to meet alone with the part-timer, initially said, "Thank you for meeting me," but said that her unrequited love was completely broken in just an hour, raising questions about what happened.

Top model Lee Hyeon-i's experience of 'Eul's Love' can be found on U+Mobile TV's 'Let's Do It 3' at 00:00 on the 20th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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