Hyori Lee reveals her childhood scars
Hyori Lee reveals her childhood scars
Hyori Lee traveled with her mother and solved her past homework step by step.

In the JTBC entertainment show 'Mom, do you want to go on a trip alone?', which first aired on the 26th, Hyori Lee was depicted going on her first mother-daughter trip to Gyeongju with her mother. Lee Hyori moved people's hearts by actively leading a trip for her mother and transforming into 'filial daughter Lee Hyori.' 'Mom, do you want to go on a trip alone?' The viewership rating was 2.3% in the metropolitan area and 2.5% nationwide.

On this day's broadcast, Hyori Lee expressed regret for not being able to play the role of daughter properly due to her busy life in the entertainment industry and revealed the reason for her first mother-daughter trip, saying, "I feel like I will never go on if I don't have this opportunity." Mom said, “Going on a trip with Hyori is such a precious time,” but she was afraid that we would get into an argument and get hurt. On the other hand, daughter Lee Hyori expressed her honest aspirations, saying, “I want to go from person to person.”

The two people, who chose Gyeongju as their destination for their mother who had never been to Gyeongju before, got to know each other's tastes through the items in their bags on the train and engaged in an exploration battle by continuing conversations on various topics such as current status and travel plans. Hyori Lee said, “At first, it was time to get to know each other,” and “I think we talked a lot because we needed time to explore what kind of person we are.”

In particular, the two were especially excited as the focus of this trip was on doing it for the first time with their mother. The mother and daughter visited Daereungwon first and enjoyed a more informative trip with the help of a guide. However, Hyori Lee expressed her surprise at her mother's inability to concentrate on the trip. In response, the mother said, “I feel like a lifetime of homework has been resolved,” showing the mother and daughter still getting to know each other.

In addition, Lee Hyori's sweet side attracted attention as she brought a camcorder to remember her trip with her mother through her own eyes and even brought sunglasses for her mother to wear. When her mother, who was taking memorable photos in her school uniform at a photo studio, saw the results and felt the passage of time, Hyori Lee said, “Try to love who you are,” which touched her heart. The mother was satisfied with her daughter’s comfort, saying, “I feel like I went back to being a girl.”

In addition, the mother and daughter tried to leave as many memories as possible, including shooting and caricatures. The mother continued to reject her daughter's proposals, but Lee Hyori had a colorful time with her 'refusal is refusal' ability. Hyo-ri Lee, who belatedly found out that her mother was having a hard time due to physical difficulties, said, “I thought she said no because she had never tried it,” but honestly confessed, “I was tired too,” making everyone laugh.

Afterwards, the two enjoyed dinner and had time to get to know each other more deeply. In response to her mother saying, “It’s good because I eat well after seeing her not eating all the time,” Lee Hyori said, “I don’t feel comfortable when I go home, so I guess something’s not working.” She added, “Something still happens when dad and mom are together.” “I’m nervous because I’m afraid I’ll lose,” he confessed.

On the way to the dorm, my mother said, “Let’s only talk about good things,” and revealed that she didn’t want to talk about sad things on an opportunity that would never come again. However, Lee Hyo-ri said, “It is a precious opportunity for me too,” and said that she wanted to face her childhood wounds and overcome her fears in order to confirm the love between her mother and herself.

‘Mom, do you want to go on a trip alone?’ airs every Sunday at 9:10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google