Seongwoo Bae apologizes for returning to drunk driving
Seongwoo Bae apologizes for returning to drunk driving
Actor Bae Seong-woo publicly apologized for the drunk driving controversy.

On the 10th, a production presentation for the Netflix series 'The 8 Show' was held at the Ambassador Pullman Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul. Actors Ryu Jun-yeol, Chun Woo-hee, Park Jung-min, Lee Yeol-eum, Park Hae-joon, Joo-young Lee, Jeong-hee Moon, Seong-woo Bae, and director Jae-rim Han attended the event.

'The Eight Show' is a work that depicts the story of eight people who are trapped in a secret space divided into eight floors and participate in a sweet but dangerous show where they 'earn money as time accumulates'. It is an adaptation of the webtoons ‘Money Game’ and ‘Pygame’ by author Bae Jin-soo, which recorded 300 million cumulative global views.

On this day, Bae Seong-woo took the time to publicly apologize as he was making his first official appearance since the 'drunk driving controversy'. He said, "I think I should first apologize. I really wanted to say that I am sorry for the disappointment I caused to those who showed interest and encouragement. I was very careful and fearful of the inevitable inconvenience to the people I worked with due to my personal problems. “I was sorry,” he said.

He continued, "This is a work made with the sweat and effort of the director and actors. I had no choice but to become someone, but I worked with the hope of becoming less someone as much as possible. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apologize. I take this opportunity to deeply apologize." I bowed down.

Bae Seong-woo was caught by the police for drunk driving in November 2020. His blood alcohol content was over 0.08%, which is the level for license revocation. Accordingly, he left the SBS drama 'Fly, Gae Cheon-yong' that was airing at the time and took a year of self-reflection. Afterwards, Bae Seong-woo received a summary order to pay a fine of 7 million won from the Seoul Central District Court.

‘The Eight Show’ will be released on the 15th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google