Moojin Lee, seriously considering retirement
Moojin Lee, seriously considering retirement
Bolbbalgan Puberty, Lee Moo-jin, Hi-Key Ri-na, Hwiseo, Lee Hong-ki, Hwan-hee, and Jeong-in are competing for the role of 'Song Stealer'.

In MBC's entertainment program 'Song Stealer', which will be broadcast for the first time tomorrow (5th), a tense war of nerves will begin between the stiller, who tries to steal the desired song, and the original singer, who tries to protect the representative song.

On this day's 'Song Stealer', Bolbbalgan Adolescent, Lee Moo-jin, Haiki Ri-na, Hwiseo, Lee Hong-ki, Hwanhee, and Jeong-in, all with unrivaled voices and singing skills, will appear. As rehearsals are conducted in complete secrecy, the singers do not know who will steal their songs.

Therefore, every time the titles are revealed one by one, the original composers are keen to find Stiller's identity. In particular, when the still song containing her identity was released, Lee Moo-jin began a campaign to protect her song, saying, “If it is taken away, I think I will even think about retirement.”

Even when Jeong-in, a senior, tried to steal his representative song 'Traffic Light', he responded strongly, saying, "Don't even dream about it," causing laughter. I wonder if Lee Moo-jin will be able to protect his still song from Stiller.

On the other hand, Hi-Key's Riina said, "You can take it," and willingly(?) allowed to steal the song, embarrassing member Hwiseo. As the representative song 'The Rose Blooming Between Buildings' is in danger of being taken away, Whiseo urgently tries to take care of it, saying, "I can't let it be taken away," and curiosity is growing as to who the stealer who is aiming for High Key's song will be.

MBC's entertainment program 'Song Stealer', which will reveal a list of unexpected song selections by stealers that will leave even the original singers perplexed, will premiere tomorrow (5th) at 9:10 PM.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google