Song Ji-hyo, the beauty salon she started was a huge hit.
Song Ji-hyo, the beauty salon she started was a huge hit.
Ji Seok-jin and Haha show off their trustworthy chemistry with Song Ji-hyo.

'Beauty Meddling Hemeko Show' (hereinafter referred to as 'Hemeko Show'), which will be released for the first time through the YouTube 'Hemeko Show' channel on the 13th, has MCs Song Ji-hyo and Jeong Hyeok join hands with Korea's best hair and makeup artists to start a beauty salon and open a beauty salon every week. It is an observational talk entertainment program in which popular celebrities and ordinary people in Asia participate as guests.

'Hemeko Show', which will be aired simultaneously in six Asian countries including Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Myanmar, will provide not only pleasant talks with various people but also useful information to share everything about K-beauty.

Meanwhile, the first guest of 'Hemeko Show' is revealed and attracts attention. The main character is Ji Seok-jin. Since Ji Seok-jin has worked well with Song Ji-hyo on the same program for 15 years, his appearance is expected to make the first broadcast of 'Hemeko Show' even more enjoyable.

Song Ji-hyo and Jeong Hyeok's burning passion overcomes past beauty concerns, stimulating curiosity about what Ji Seok-jin, who will appear with a new visual, will look like after his transformation. Attention is being drawn to the news that Haha will be the second guest on 'Hemeko Show', succeeding Ji Seok-jin.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google