Kim Chang-ok was exposed.
Kim Chang-ok was exposed.
An acquaintance exposed the true identity of communication expert Kim Chang-ok.

tvN's 'Kim Chang-ok Show 2', which aired on the 28th, was conducted with the concept of reporting family, lovers, and acquaintances under the theme of 'I am reporting this person.'

At the recording site on this day, Lee Jong-in, Kim Chang-ok's close junior, appeared as Kim Chang-ok's accuser. In the first episode of 'Kim Chang-ok Show 2', when an article about Kim Chang-ok's Alzheimer's came out, he said, 'Brother, I'm in worse condition. He was the person who said, ‘I can’t even remember my wife’s face.’

Kim Chang-ok, the accuser, revealed, "In the case of an older brother, he comforts people a lot, but as a friend, he is the type that requires a lot of effort. Something is lacking." He then surprised people by saying, “My brother is famous as a communication instructor, but I think he is a non-communication instructor.”

When Kim Chang-ok protested, saying, "No, why would you say something like that?" the accuser complained, saying, "You always talk about me in lectures, but I don't have time to make excuses."

When asked about the first meeting between the two, the accuser said, "It's Black Pig House. I farm and teach agriculture, and my junior arranged a meeting with my older brother." He added, "At first, I tried to refuse the meeting, because I had never heard of the name Kim Chang-ok. “Because I didn’t even see it,” he said, causing laughter.

He then confessed, "I didn't feel like it, but I went, but my first impression wasn't good. To put it in a good way, it felt like a piece, but to put it in a bad way, it felt greasy."
Kim Chang-ok was exposed.
Kim Chang-ok was exposed.
The accuser said that he also introduced a house on Jeju Island for Kim Chang-ok. Kim Chang-ok said that in his 40s, he felt that his body and mind were not what they used to be. “When I thought about it at that time, I realized that I liked nature and that I had fun when I was in nature,” he said. “The view was fantastic. After living in a place like this, I realized that I had fun.” “I felt like I wanted to end my life there,” he recalled.

The accuser said, "When I was having a hard time with panic disorder, I climbed up here for 6 months and felt better without taking medication. I told my brother to get treatment here too." Kim Chang-ok said, "I went up the hill and looked, and there were three large tombs. Aren't tombs usually located in good places? It was a place where there were no people and was not developed. I came back alive to the good land that comes after death." At the same time, he mentioned 'destruction' and made people laugh.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google