Younghyun Lee, “My gums are falling apart after giving birth”
Younghyun Lee, “My gums are falling apart after giving birth”
Jihye Lee and Younghyun Lee share a sad sympathy as mothers of two children.

In the 2nd episode of Channel S·E Channel's entertainment show 'Playing Sister 2', which airs on the 19th (today), the six members of Chae Ri-na, Lee Ji-hye, Lee Young-hyun, Ivy, Narsha, and Choa are on their first MT to strengthen solidarity with the addition of new members. It unfolds.

The MT location the sisters arrived at on this day was a guerrilla training ground. It turned out that this MT was a ‘mental training’ course to restore everyone’s original intention. In addition, Choi Young-jae of the ‘Steel Unit’ steps forward as a ‘mental master’, creating a bloody atmosphere. The sisters have a 'mental breakdown' due to the unexpectedly harsh training, and fill their hungry stomachs by having 'poogeul time' during the break.

In particular, Lee Young-hyun said, “I was so hungry,” and ate two bags of ‘Pogeul-i’ ramen. After a while, he belatedly asked, “Did the camera capture the fact that I just ate two pieces of ramen?”, making people laugh. hugged Then, he suddenly confesses, “I’m currently wearing braces,” and Jihye Lee asks, “Why are you suddenly getting braces?”

Younghyun Lee confesses, “After giving birth to my first child, my gums collapsed, but after giving birth to my second child, they completely receded.” Finally, Younghyun Lee confesses, “The first one took my teeth, and the second one took my eyes.” Lee Ji-hye sympathized and said, “I used to have fluffy heels, but after giving birth to two children, they became basalt,” making her laugh. Nevertheless, Lee Ji-hye and Lee Young-hyun said, “It’s okay. “Because I gained something so precious,” she said, revealing her deep maternal love. Chae Rina adds warmth by saying, “I feel that way toward my parents,” and “I don’t mind if I get offended if it’s for my parents.”

The sisters' 'recovering their original intention' project, which is becoming more and more sticky through 'mental training', can be seen in episode 2 of 'Playing with Sister 2', which airs at 8:40 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google