Kim Gwang-gyu, dating rumors break out again
Kim Gwang-gyu, dating rumors break out again
Kim Gwang-gyu, a 'gwangboji' who has completed 'preparation for childcare', destroys the studio with the shocking declaration, "My girlfriend is in the shower" during a phone call with Choi Seong-guk.

In 'Joseon's Lover', which airs on the 19th, Kim Gwang-gyu continues the challenge of raising children with Choi Seong-guk's first son, Si-yoon. Si-yoon, who is 100 days old, shows off her fatal cuteness with bewildered rabbit eyes when she is placed on Kim Gwang-gyu's back for the first time in her life. Kim Gwang-gyu said, “I was the first person to be carried on a piggyback. While sighing, “I want something like this,” he skillfully carried Siyun in a swaddle and boasted of his parenting skills, saying, “In the old days, everyone carried Siyoon like this.”

In the pre-released video on the 19th, the story of Kim Gwang-gyu, who was confessed to by a flight attendant on a flight to Busan, was also revealed in detail. Gwang-gyu Kim said, “Well, this happens all the time. “They gave me tangerine juice and cookies on the plane,” he said, revealing the flight attendant’s gift. In particular, the card written in pretty handwriting said, “It is an honor to serve you. ‘Actor Kwang-gyu is the best!’, showing his ‘fan sentiment’. Hwang Bo-ra, Kim Ji-min, and Kang Su-ji were filled with anticipation, saying, “If you have the heart, you can find that flight attendant because you know the flight time and flight number.” Choi Seong-guk said, “It must not have been ordinary courage for a flight attendant,” and tried to call Gwang-gyu Kim to ask what happened.

However, Kim Gwang-gyu, who answered the phone, said to Choi Seong-guk, “I’m home now. He said something unexpected, “My girlfriend is taking a shower.” Kim Ji-min and Hwang Bo-ra could not keep their mouths shut, saying, “Oh my!” The story of Kim Gwang-gyu, who turned the 'Lovers' studio upside down, will be revealed on 'Joseon's Lovers', which airs at 10 PM on this day.

Meanwhile, Kim Gwang-gyu recently appeared on MBC's 'What Do You Do When You Hang Out?' and bought two pillows and two sleeping pants at the market, sparking suspicions of a romantic relationship. Haha and Joo Woo-jae are suspicious of Kim Gwang-gyu and ask, “Perhaps? “One more person?” he activated his dating radar, and Kim Gwang-gyu gave a vague answer, saying, “Because my mother comes up sometimes.” In response, Joo Woo-jae reignited the dating rumors by asking, “(Kim Gwang-gyu’s girl)’s nickname is Mother?”

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google