Noh Joo-hyun, 800 pyeong country life revealed
Noh Joo-hyun, 800 pyeong country life revealed
Actress Noh Joo-hyun boasted about her 800-pyeong country living. He also revealed that his mother was a 'gold' spooner who ran a gold and silver store in Jongno in the past.

Actress Noh Joo-hyun, who debuted 58 years ago, appeared on Channel A's 'Best Friends Tocumentary Table for 4', which aired on the 12th.

On this day, Noh Joo-hyun revealed her 800 pyeong country living. He said, “It’s been 14 years since I built a house and ran a cafe.” In 1990, he purchased 800 pyeong of land for the price of two large apartments, and opened a restaurant five years ago.

There were photos of old works on display in the cafe, and there was also Noh Joo-hyun's hideout in the annex. Noh Joo-hyun said, “At that time, we lived worse than North Korea. “At that time, when we debuted, we recycled the filming tapes to save money for the broadcasting company,” he said, emphasizing that it was a valuable resource.

There was also a poster for the drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ in the hideout. Noh Joo-hyun said, "We filmed it at my house. I asked if I could use it as a filming location because the scenery was nice, so I said yes."
Noh Joo-hyun, 800 pyeong country life revealed
Noh Joo-hyun, 800 pyeong country life revealed
On this day, Noh Joo-hyun invited her close friends to talk and also revealed a story about being plagued by rumors in the past. Regarding the reason why he suddenly left for the United States in 1994, Noh Joo-hyun said, “My wife said I couldn’t go alone and wanted me to go with her. When I asked who would make the money, he said I could just spend what I had and earn it later. “There was nothing wrong with that, so I packed my bags,” he said, explaining that he chose to go to the United States with his family instead of his wild goose dad.

He continued, “There were a lot of useless rumors that suddenly disappeared. “I lost my relationship because something went wrong, and I lost my life because my business failed,” he said, adding that he suffered from infidelity and business failure.

Noh Joo-hyun also talked about her parents. He said, “My mother was great and bought me Jajangmyeon even during difficult times. He ran a gold and silver store in Jongno. When I walked through Jongno holding hands with my mother, people stared. Fortunately, he lived to the age of 104.”

He continued, “My father looks more like a movie star than me. The lines are thick. I was a student studying abroad in Tokyo. My mother graduated from Ewha Hakdang. My father passed away early on the Korean War. “When I was four or five years old,” he said.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google