The abolition of ‘Best Baseball’ was prevented thanks to Lee Dae-eun
The abolition of ‘Best Baseball’ was prevented thanks to Lee Dae-eun
Dae-eun Lee of the Strongest Monsters was crowned MVP of the 2023 season. He won 10 out of 31 games this season, proving his ace title.

In the 76th episode of JTBC's entertainment program 'Strongest Baseball', which aired on the 22nd, the 1st Strongest Monsters training camp and the 2nd Strongest Baseball Awards were held.

The Strongest Monsters boarded the plane to Jeju Island with a lighter heart than ever. Director Jang Si-won treated us to a well-prepared Korean table in the morning. The strongest monsters were both happy and anxious due to the excessive hospitality. The place where the worry-filled Strongest Monsters arrived was at the baseball stadium, and General Manager Jang Si-won announced the start of their first training camp to the frozen Strongest Monsters. The keyword for this training camp was 'Revenge', and the teams were divided into teams OB and YB and competed against each other. The OB team members who lost last time pledged revenge and raised their competitive spirit.

The game became so heated that it started with a warm-up game, a chicken fight, and led to two bench clearings. The YB team won both the 1st round 'Cry in the Silence' and the 2nd round 'Baljagu', and the match seemed to end somewhat dully. However, at the suggestion of the OB team, a 'group jump rope' was held with 2 points at stake, and the game returned to square one with the OB team's miraculous victory. The final final event was 'foot volleyball', and after an unexpectedly close match, the YB team won.

The Strongest Monsters, who had a blast, appeared on the red carpet dressed up for the '2023 Strongest Baseball Awards'. The Strongest Monsters graced the awards ceremony with more extravagant costumes than last season.

In Part 1, the entertainment category awards ceremony was held. Jang Won-sam received the 'compensation for damages' given to Lupine, Yoo Hee-gwan received the 'Buddha statue' that hopes to cultivate mental discipline, and Kim Seon-woo, Park Yong-taek, and Oh Joo-won jointly received the 'self-love' that only thinks about oneself. In addition, Seo Dong-wook received the ‘Clear-Eyed Crazy Man Award’, Lee Hong-gu received the ‘Victory Fairy Award’, Lee Taek-geun and Lee Kwang-gil coach received the ‘Attachment Doll Award’, Jeong Sung-hoon received the ‘Tteok Award Next Year’, Oh Joo-won and Shin Jae-young received the ‘Writer of the Year Award’, and Park Jae-wook received the ‘Writer of the Year Award’. The 'Difficult Times Hero Award', director Kim Seong-geun, Jeong Geun-woo, commentator Kim Seon-woo, and caster Jeong Yong-gum received the 'Honey Isori Award', the 'Defense Fairy Award' was received by Lee Dae-ho, and the 'Noryangjin Sheriff Award' was received by coach Kim Seong-geun and Seong-kwon Seon.

In Part 2, the highlight of this year's awards, the player category award ceremony was held. First, the 'ERA Award' in the pitcher category went to Oh Joo-won, who pitched the required number of innings. The 'Most Wins Award' went to Dae-eun Lee, who played in a total of 22 games and pitched 94 innings, achieving 10 wins, 2 losses, and 2 shutouts. Dae-eun Lee made everyone laugh with his sense of saving his acceptance speech for MVP. The ‘Strikeout Award’ went to ‘Maddori’ Shin Jae-young, who recorded 87 strikes.

As everyone expected, the ‘Batting Average Award’ in the batter category went to Kim Moon-ho with a score of .308 and 7. Kim Moon-ho said, “I will work hard to become a good player in the future, not just a player who shines once.” Next, the ‘Most Hits Award’ was won by Lee Dae-ho after a close competition. He said, “I was greedy for a home run because everyone on the production team wanted it, but next year I won’t be greedy and will just hit a hit. “Next year, I will take away Kim Moon-ho’s batting average award,” he declared.

In addition, Dae-ho Lee and Yong-taek Park competed for the ‘Home Run Award’ and ‘RBI Award’. However, a funny situation occurred where Lee Dae-ho won both the ‘Home Run Award’ and ‘RBI Award’. In addition, Kim Moon-ho received the 'Stealing Award' and Jeong Geun-woo received the 'Scoring Award'.

One of the highlights, the 'Rookie Award', went to both Jae-wook Park and Jae-young Shin. In particular, Shin Jae-young, whose name was called late, tried to control his emotions and said, “I thought about the past a lot. After receiving the rookie award (during my professional days), I thought a lot about how lazy I was (at that time). I feel like crying because I think, ‘I should have done a little better back then.’ “I will work harder and do well next year,” he said.

Lastly, the long-awaited season MVP went to Dae-eun Lee. Lee Dae-eun was unable to speak for a long time, trying hard to hold back the tears that flowed. His colleagues also had tears in their eyes because they knew how well he felt. Lee Dae-eun concluded the awards ceremony with a short, lingering speech, saying, “(‘Strongest Baseball’) is said to be an entertainment program, but I played baseball with all my heart, and I will be an ace next year as well.”

After completing the entire journey of the 2023 season, the strongest monsters have begun full-scale preparations for the 2024 season. The first journey is the ‘2024 Strongest Baseball Stove League’. The images of those with salary cuts appealing to their emotions and the relaxed images of those with salary increases full of confidence intersect, raising expectations about how 2024 will start for the strongest monsters.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google