Drama 'Grand Shining Hotel' starring In-seon Jeong, Ji-hoon Lee, Jae-kyung Kim, Jin-woon Jeong
Drama 'Grand Shining Hotel' starring In-seon Jeong, Ji-hoon Lee, Jae-kyung Kim, Jin-woon Jeong
Actors Jeong In-seon, Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jae-kyung, and Jeong Jin-woon have confirmed their appearances in the tvN

The 'O'PENing' series is a joint tvN x TVING drama project composed of works by seven new writers that stand out for their free form and novel attempts. 'Grand Shining Hotel' is a story about a woman who is trapped in a novel in order to save a man who has become the target of a serial killer, and pursues the mysterious author who controls everything.

Director Myung Hyun-woo of 'Search', 'Secret Forest 2', 'The Man Who Became King', and 'Live', and writer Park Se-hyun, who won the O'PEN contest, CJ ENM's new storyteller support project, collaborated together. correct.

Actress Jeong In-seon plays Yoo Ah-young, a publishing company employee and aspiring novelist who finds herself trapped in a novel. Yoo Ah-young begins a mysterious adventure that risks the rest of her life to save her unrequited love, Song Woo-bin (Lee Ji-hoon), who has become the target of a serial killer.

Actor Lee Ji-hoon plays Song Woo-bin, a man trapped in a novel. Song Woo-bin is Yoo Ah-young's unrequited love boss at a publishing company. One day, he becomes the target of a serial killer after being invited to a mysterious novel led by a mysterious author.

Actress Kim Jae-kyung appears as Park Hyun-joo, a serial killer who seeks victims with her fatal beauty. Park Hyun-joo becomes a beautiful jazz vocalist and is summoned into the novel.

Actor Jeong Jin-woon appears as Myeong-hwan Moon, an unemployed man who has everything except love. Moon Myeong-hwan is a baby girl who only looks at Yoo Ah-young. Myeong-hwan Myeong-hwan, who became a police officer after Yoo Ah-young said that his ideal type is a steady and diligent man, pursues the mysterious author with her in the novel.

'Grand Shining Hotel' is scheduled to be broadcast as a Lunar New Year special on tvN at 10:50 p.m. on February 11, and the full episode will be released on TVING at 12 p.m. on February 10.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia greenworld@tenasia.co.kr translated by google