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The movie 'Ballerina', a beautiful and cruel bloody revenge story

The Netflix movie 'Ballerina' (directed by Lee Chung-hyeon) released its main poster and trailer.'Ballerina' is a beautiful and merciless emotional action revenge drama in which Ok-ju (Jeon Jong-seo), a former bodyguard, pursues 'Pro' Choi (Ji-hoon Kim), who caused the death ...

Sep 20, 2023

Director Yoo Jae-seon of the movie 'Sleep', unique and soft charisma

The Marie Claire pictorial of director Yoo Jae-seon of the movie 'Sleep' has been released.'Sleep' is a film about a happy newlywed couple, Hyun-soo (Lee Seon-kyun) and Su-jin (Jung Yu-mi), who struggle to unravel the mystery of husband Hyun-su's strange behavior during sleep tha...

Sep 20, 2023

Actor Im Si-wan, "I don't know what is a greeting."

Actor Im Si-wan explained that as a 'professional attendee', he does not know whether the related episode was a greeting or not.On the 19th, actors Ha Jung-woo and Im Si-wan from the movie '1947 Boston' (directed by Kang Je-gyu) appeared as guests on the YouTube channel 'Vivo TV&...

Sep 20, 2023

The movie 'Family Glory: Returns' returns for Chuseok.

There is a movie that comes to mind when Christmas comes. This is the ‘Home Alone’ series. There is a movie that attracts audiences every Chuseok. It is a classic comedy Korean movie from the ‘Family Glory’ series.‘Family Honor: Returns’ returns in 2023. 'Fami...

Sep 19, 2023