“I’m sorry” AKMU’s Lee Soo-hyun shed tears on stage
“I’m sorry” AKMU’s Lee Soo-hyun shed tears on stage
AKMU's Lee Soo-hyun shed tears while singing.

The 14th episode of KBS2's 'The Seasons - AKMU's One Day, Five Nights', which aired on the 22nd, was a special feature of 'AKMU's Oh, Hearth, Night - We Are the Nami' by gathering sibling audiences to commemorate the first sibling MCs of 'The Seasons'. done.

On this day, Lee Soo-hyun expressed regret, saying, “Today is the last recording of ‘Akmu’s One Day, Five Nights,’ which started last September.” Lee Chan-hyuk said that he decided to invite a brother and sister audience while he was thinking about making his last days special, and joked, "It's truly spectacular. This is the place where siblings are seen the most in Korea."

On this day, Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyun, who personally hugged each other for the brother and sister audience hug event, presented the stage of 'Love Lee' and also performed a solo stage. At the end of the broadcast, Lee Soo-hyun selected the late Yoo Jae-ha's 'Hidden Road'.

Lee Su-hyun revealed the reason for choosing the song, saying, "'AKMU's One Day, Five Nights' is a program that helped me walk down a wonderful path. I gained a lot of strength when I received warm eyes and love from everyone every time I came." At the same time, Lee Soo-hyun asked, "I hope that you will continue to be my path in the future. I hope that you will be my light in times of darkness."

Lee Soo-hyun eventually burst into tears during the song. Lee Soo-hyun, who couldn't sing for a while, tried to control her emotions and sing again, but it wasn't easy, so Lee Chan-hyuk, who was off the stage, sang along and made a heartwarming appearance. Lee Su-hyun also soon found her composure and finished singing to the end.

After the song ended, Lee Soo-hyun said, "I'm sorry. It's my first time crying on stage in 10 years," and Lee Chan-hyuk brought a tissue and wiped away Lee Soo-hyun's tears. When Lee Soo-hyun joked, "It's not bad in terms of broadcasting," Lee Chan-hyuk scolded, "You're done being a broadcaster," but instead of Lee Soo-hyun, who went down to fix her makeup, he immediately performed a live rendition of the late Yoo Jae-ha's 'Because I Love You'.

Lee Soo-hyun previously confessed that she went through a slump while releasing a new song and said, "My older brother gave me a lot of courage. I received a lot of good energy that I haven't felt in years. I thought it was a good idea to make a comeback."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google