Lady Jane, 60 pyeong luxury newlywed home revealed
Lady Jane, 60 pyeong luxury newlywed home revealed
In the SBS entertainment show 'Same Bed Different Dreams Season 2 - You Are My Destiny' (hereinafter referred to as 'Same Bed Different Dreams'), which airs on the 25th, the newlywed life of Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae, who have been married for three months, is revealed for the first time.

In the previously released preview, Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae, who attracted attention with their explosive statement, “The wife is the master, and I am the servant,” reveal their bare faces as newlyweds. Lady Jane, a singer in her 18th year of debut and also famous as the 'Hongdae Goddess', reveals her husband who is 10 years younger than her. Lady Jane's husband Lim Hyun-tae debuted as a member of the idol group Bigflo, showed off his unrivaled presence on the MBC entertainment program 'Real Men 2', and is currently active as a musical and drama actor. Lady Jane, who got married after a long-term relationship of 7 years, raised curiosity by saying in a previous recording that she was expressing her worries 3 months after getting married, saying, “Marriage is different from dating.”

Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae unveiled their luxury honeymoon home of 60 pyeong with a garden. Lady Jane shocked the studio by making a surprising revelation, saying, “My husband only came in with his body,” which she personally prepared. It is said that the studio's response exploded as they showed off a master bedroom and kitchen reminiscent of a European resort, as well as a living room that looked like a prop shop, saying, "I designed the interior myself for six months." Studio MC Seo Jang-hoon, who was watching, made everyone laugh by directly sending a love call to Lady Jane, saying, “If you move later, please do the interior design.”

On this day, Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae's younger sister visited their home. However, Lady Jane surprised everyone with her shocking confession, “I become trash when I’m with my husband.” He then confessed his polarizing tendencies that did not suit each other despite being in a long-term relationship for 7 years. The studio MCs were shocked when they heard the anecdote about the difference in personality between Lady Jane and her easy-going personality, unlike her fast-paced husband Lim Hyun-tae.

However, while everyone criticized Lady Jane, saying, “Lady Jane was wrong,” only special MC Hong Jin-ho focused attention by taking the side of Lady Jane, saying, “I understand you.” Indeed, interest is focused on what is the story that caused Hong Jin-ho's overwhelming sympathy.

An unusual atmosphere was captured in the couple Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae. Lady Jane complained about her obsessive husband Lim Hyeon-tae, who demanded attention all day and constantly contacted her. In the end, he made an explosive statement, saying, “I want to go into a cave.” You can find out what happened to Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae and the twisted marriage life of newlyweds Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae on 'Same Bed, Different Dreams', which airs today. This day's broadcast will be broadcast at 11:10 pm due to the broadcast of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google