Transgender Pung ja, relentless flirting with handsome customers
Transgender Pung ja, relentless flirting with handsome customers
Pung ja, a broadcaster, attempted to 'jamanchu' by blowing 'flirting' to male customers during the delivery of pig's feet.

In the final episode of Channel S/KBS Joy's entertainment program 'Disguised Employment', which aired on the 16th, Kim Min-kyung, Mirage, Hong Yun-hwa, and Pung ja got a job at a pig's trotter restaurant and worked hard, while also burning their passion for menu development, ending Season 1 warmly. did. For the past 10 weeks, the four-person gang, who went anywhere tasty, from crab fishing boats to water parsley plastic houses, were reborn as 'great workaholics' and presented healthy laughter and fruitful 'eating tips' to the living room.

The last place the four of us went to work on this day was a pig's feet restaurant. The owner, the manager of the pig's trotter shop, said, "(Shop) employees are on summer vacation and there is a shortage of manpower," and asked the four people to do kitchen work, hall serving, and delivery missions. In response, Hong Yun-hwa embarrassed the employer by refusing the knife, saying, “Delivery on foot is impossible.” While everyone burst into bread, the gang of four started a game to select a work leader, and Hong Yun-hwa became the last work leader. Hong Yun-hwa, who sampled the menu of the pig's feet restaurant first with the privilege of being a 'work manager', dissed the Pung ja of the 'former work manager', saying, "I don't eat alone like anyone else." Then he said, “Okay, everybody, eat your chopsticks. And eat radish,” he said, casting advanced milling technology.

Finally, the full-fledged 'grilled pig's feet' mukbang started, and Kim Min-kyung gave the 'mukrecipe' of pig's feet with garlic flake topping. 'Hongjubu' Hong Yun-hwa even made sauce on the spot to make pork feet rice bowl. The members who tasted it praised it, saying, “I should serve this as a menu.” The four members, who filled their stomachs with pork feet, were divided into a hall serving team and a kitchen team, and were put into full-fledged work.
Transgender Pung ja, relentless flirting with handsome customers
Transgender Pung ja, relentless flirting with handsome customers
After a while, customers came in, and the 'Hall Team' Mirage and Pung ja eagerly responded to the guests. 'Kitchen Team' Kim Min-kyung and Hong Yun-hwa also devoted themselves to cooking in front of a hot fire. Pung ja went to deliver pork feet to the billiards room, but sat down right away when he saw the warm male customers and said, "Can you give me just one drink?" Finally, Pung ja even played billiards with them, and when Mirage, who had gone out to arrest Pung ja who hadn't come for a while, burst into the billiard room, he hid himself and regretted it.

While being dragged by the mirage, Pung ja continued to flirt with the male customers, saying, “Please send me a DM.” Returning to the pig's feet restaurant, the Pung ja said to the members, "Since there are two male customers, let's do something with Minkyung and I."

After twists and turns, the four members who finished their restaurant work politely greeted the head office staff who visited the store. In response to the request from the head office officials to "taste the new menu and give their opinions," they confidently asked, "Is it 'Pochi' (fee) when the menu is released because we tried it and it was delicious?" Afterwards, fried pork feet was served as the first menu, and Mirage showed a weak side, saying, "I'm a lyrical person, so my feet are a bit like that." Then, Hong Yun-hwa threw a 'stone fastball' at the 'Pyeonyuk Rubber' Mirage, saying, "The person who presses the face of a pig to eat it."

The four members who finished fried pork feet also burned their passion in developing a new menu. In particular, Mirage delivered the source idea directly to the head office staff. Lastly, the four members tasted the spicy pig's feet stew, and gave an opinion to the headquarters staff, "It would be nice if they served fried pork feet and stew as a menu." An official from the head office was very satisfied with the performance of the four members, saying, “I really want to meet you at the time of the next new menu development.” The four members said, “Please call me again,” and successfully completed the last job.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia
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