Yang Jeong-ah♥Kim Seung-soo, dark clouds over the affection front
Yang Jeong-ah♥Kim Seung-soo, dark clouds over the affection front
This week's episode of 'My Little Old Boy' reveals Kim Seung-soo, who faces an unexpected crisis after attending an MBC talent recruitment meeting with his female friend Yang Jeong-ah.

On this day, Kim Seung-soo and Yang Jeong-ah had a meeting with actors who were former MBC open talent recruits. The open recruitment meeting held by actors Yoo Seo-jin and Yoo Tae-woong is a group that has maintained a relationship for a long time since they appeared together in the drama 'Glass Castle' 16 years ago. Actors Yoo Seo-jin and Yoo Tae-woong made everyone excited by saying about the relationship between Kim Seung-soo and Yang Jeong-ah, who are receiving a lot of attention due to their unusually pink air, saying, "They were a prospective couple that people around them supported even when they were filming a drama in the past."

However, attention was focused on Yang Jeong-ah, who was anxiously waiting for another member who had not yet arrived. The studio was excited to see Yang Jeong-ah waiting for her boyfriend who had not yet arrived, revealing that she was the only man she was in contact with other than Kim Seung-soo. Kim Seung-soo showed off his displeasure at the presence of another man, saying to Yang Jeong-ah, “It seems like you made it up more than other days.” After a while, a male friend who had even prepared a bouquet of flowers for Yang Jeong-ah appeared. The Mother Avengers and MCs continued to exclaim at the handsome appearance of the male friend, saying, “This is the appearance of a strong rival,” and “He is a true young star.” Attention is focused on who Yang Jeong-ah's male friend is, who made Kim Seung-su nervous and everyone excited.

Next, Yang Jeong-ah and the male friend actor expressed joy and shared skinship without hesitation, while Kim Seung-soo was visibly embarrassed. Kim Seung-soo eventually showed his anger by pointing out the two people's skinship, but the male friend paid no attention to him and took care of Yang Jeong-ah, making Kim Seung-soo nervous by making a bombshell remark, "I don't do this to people who don't have feelings." Seungsu's mother, who was watching the strange mood of the three people in the studio, also expressed her upset, saying, "I'm jealous of everyone." It is even said that the studio was turned upside down by the bombshell remarks of her boyfriend, who confessed his hidden feelings for Yang Jeong-ah.

Kim Seung-soo and Yang Jeong-ah's relationship, which faces a crisis due to the appearance of another male friend, can be seen on SBS' 'My Little Old Boy' at 9:05 pm on Sunday, July 7.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google