'Blast' Sol Kyeong-gu "I was worried about the side script, I had a prejudice"
'Blast' Sol Kyeong-gu "I was worried about the side script, I had a prejudice"
Actor Sol Kyung-gu expressed his feelings about returning to drama after 30 years.

On the 3rd, Sol Kyeong-gu met with Ten Asia at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul and told various stories about the Netflix series 'Golden Wind'.

'Storm' is a work depicting a confrontation between the Prime Minister, who decides to assassinate the President in order to turn the world upside down, and the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, who tries to stop him and seize power. This is the first new work in 7 years by writer Park Kyung-soo, who presented the Power Trilogy with 'THE CHASER', 'Empire of Gold', and 'Punch'. Sol Kyung-gu plays the role of Prime Minister Park Dong-ho, who is willing to get his hands dirty in order to wipe out the corrupt forces.

Sol Kyeong-gu revealed that he first encountered ‘Blast’ through manager Kim Hee-ae. Regarding the situation at the time, he said, "It was the last minute of filming director Heo Jin-ho's 'Ordinary Family.' Kim Hee-ae was cast first, and while they were talking among themselves, she asked if she was interested in doing a drama and said that she had read it first and thought it was interesting, so she said, 'Give it to me.' However, I felt bad if I received it behind my back, so I said I would receive the script when the production company officially contacted me.”

He added, "I didn't know much about writer Park Dong-soo. I didn't have any information, and I only read the book, but I heard he was a popular writer. The book had power. I kept reading it, regardless of politics."

However, I had a lot of concerns before deciding to appear. Sol Kyeong-gu said, "I had a strange feeling of regretting if I did and regret if I didn't. I also had a preconceived notion about the drama environment. It's the same as an actor acting in front of a camera, but I thought the environment would tire me out. I didn't know how I would digest this much dialogue. The schedule was different. “I was scared because I had a preconceived notion that it would be tough,” he said.

He continued, "If you look at writer Park Kyung-soo's bad side, people around him said that he wouldn't appear until the 5th part, and that he was famous for his side script, so he was worried about whether he could accept it." “People around me were surprised when it came out. It took a while for the 11th part to come out, and the 12th part came out right away,” he added.

When asked if he had any regrets after deciding to appear, Sol Kyeong-gu said, "I didn't regret it. I thought it was the same on set. It was fun. Because of the schedule, a lot of people came to see me because of the character. They come to the place where I am. If I sit down, someone else comes." He joked, “I felt weak afterward and thought it would be over in just a few episodes.”

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google