Ahn Jung-hwan "If Lee Hye-won dies, I will hold her funeral and follow her."
Ahn Jung-hwan "If Lee Hye-won dies, I will hold her funeral and follow her."
Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Hye-won immersed themselves in the daily lives of German couple Daniel Ham and Kim Ae-ju, showing off their chemistry as a couple.

In the 40th episode of Channel A's 'Family Beyond the Line', which aired on the 28th, 4 MCs Ahn Jung-hwan, Lee Hye-won, Yoo Se-yoon and Song Jin-woo, as well as 'Germany representative' Florian, 'Turkiye representative' AlphaGo, and 'Belgian representative' Elyan were present, and love and romance were revealed. The travel story of this German-Turkish-Belgian family was unfolded, providing useful tips in the living room and bringing laughter and excitement.

Kim Ae-joo and Daniel Ham, married for 12 years, first crossed the line to Berlin, Germany, and captured attention with their 'Queen of Tears' tour for their husbands, who are avid fans of Korean dramas. Daniel Ham of ‘Ham Seo-bang’ picks ‘Queen of Tears’ as his favorite drama, and when Lee Hye-won asks, “Do you think you like Kim Ji-won?”, he replies, “Yes! “It’s pretty,” he agreed right away. Lee Hye-won gave a slight warning, saying, “You’re brave when you have your wife next to you,” and Ahn Jung-hwan also made fun of Daniel Ham by saying, “Next to me, Ae-joo clenched her molars,” making everyone burst into laughter. Afterwards, the German couple headed to the first location, Potsdam Sanssouci Palace. The MCs gaped at the gorgeous building modeled after Versailles in France and the huge garden that required 30,000 views to walk through. In particular, Kim Ae-joo However, Kim Ae-joo confessed her twisted intentions, saying, “I was a little embarrassed because there were a lot of Korean group tourists,” making people laugh.

After touring the Sanssouci Palace, the couple also visited local attractions where famous scenes from the drama were created, including the Winterfeld Market, Alter St. Matthew's Cemetery, and the Berliner Dom. In addition, we asked the Winterfeld Market merchants who sold four-leaf clovers in ‘Queen of Tears’ whether there were actually four-leaf clover stores, and it was confirmed that there were none in reality. At Alter St. Matthew's Cemetery, which appeared in the last episode of the drama, we visited the graves of the Brothers Grimm, who created 'Snow White' and 'Hansel and Gretel.' Elyan, who saw this, shouted, “I’m a fan of the Brothers Grimm!” and Florian also responded, “He’s a legend~”, making Tiki Taka explode with a reaction as if he had seen a K-pop star.

Lee Hye-won confessed that Ahn Jung-hwan said the same line as Kim Soo-hyun in 'Queen of Tears'. It was a line that said that after Kim Ji-won died, he would live just one more day and die after her. In response, Ahn Jung-hwan said, "Hye-won said that I should go first. I said I would go after the funeral and follow her. If I die first, wouldn't it be difficult for my wife to attend my funeral?"

Next, the Istanbul prenatal education travel story of the couple Ha Seok-jin and Nurai, who crossed the line to Turkye, was revealed. Since the previous trip was with my father-in-law, the MCs expected, “I think it will be a trip just for the couple this time,” but my father-in-law showed up without fail. Ha Seok-jin, guided by his father-in-law, visited the 'Galata Bridge' where three streams meet and the 'Grand Bazaar', the world's largest indoor market. In particular, the ‘Grand Bazaar’, where over 4,000 stores are located, was so large that AlphaGo said, “Even Turkic people can easily get lost.” After touring the market, my father-in-law led his daughter and son-in-law to a cafe, saying, “You must try sand coffee in Turkiye.” In particular, it is said that in Turkiye, there is a custom of turning the cup over after drinking coffee and using the coffee powder that spilled out to tell the future. Accordingly, AlphaGo served Turkiye coffee directly in the studio and interpreted the fortune. For Ahn Jung-hwan, “Beware of betrayal,” and for Lee Hye-won, “The upward trend will continue.” Also, a comment was made to Lee Hye-won, “There is an older person who is interfering with work,” and Ahn Jung-hwan immediately responded, “The closest older person is me?” and burst into laughter.

After tasting sandy coffee and the chewy Turkiye ice cream, the family headed to Sultanahmet Park, the most famous place in Istanbul. Unlike most mosques in Turkye, which have 1 to 4 minaret (minaret), Sultan Ahmed Mosque is famous for its as many as 6 minaret. In relation to this, Ha Seok-jin stimulated interest by explaining, “There is a story that a subject misunderstood the sultan’s order to ‘make it into gold (alton)’ as 6 (alt).”

Lastly, the Kim Do-yoon Kim Do-yoon went on an MZ tour with Thomas and his younger brother Matthew on a trip to Bruges, where the entire city is listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage site. However, people who recognized Thomas asked for a commemorative photo, arousing curiosity. It turns out that Kim Do-yoon posted a video of Thomas with a nosebleed on social media, and it became a hot topic with a whopping 7.85 million views.

In response, Ahn Jung-hwan said, “I just got a nosebleed,” and joked to his wife Lee Hye-won, “Please hit me too.” Hyewon Lee raised her fist and said, “I understand,” and Ahn Jung-hwan urgently shouted, “I need to get rid of the blood in my eyes,” causing the studio to collapse. They visited the Markt Square and Belfort Bell Tower and delivered beautiful scenery. Meanwhile, Thomas and Matthew left for a moment to go to the bathroom, and an outdoor urinal without a partition appeared. Elyan, who saw this, said, “In Europe, there were not many public toilets, so the problem of open urination was serious, but thanks to portable toilets, it has decreased significantly. In a city like Bruges, where the entire city is a cultural heritage site, it is difficult to install toilets. “Recently, there is also an app that helps find restrooms,” he explained.

After completing a boat tour to experience the charm of the canal city of Bruges, the three went to a restaurant to eat French fries, another representative dish of Belgium. However, when Kim Do-yoon asked, “How are they different from French fries?” Thomas suddenly showed his ‘pride of french fries’ by saying, “It’s Belgian fries, but France just stole the name.” In response, AlphaGo made everyone laugh by interjecting, “You should also listen to France’s Fabian’s perspective on this.” Afterwards, the three people finished their MZ tour with a romantic and emotional look, enjoying French fries and a glass of Belgian beer on a canal at sunset.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google