Kim Hee-sun holds an emergency press conference
Kim Hee-sun holds an emergency press conference
Kim Hee-sun of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'We, Home' holds an emergency press conference.

In the last 'We, Home' broadcast, Noh Young-won (Kim Hee-sun) found out the true identity of Se-na Lee's (Yeon-woo) helper Moon Tae-o (Jeong Geon-ju) and called him into the house. He said to Moon Tae-oh, "I am from Yangju Cathedral Orphanage, Korea University Moon Tae-oh. Impersonation. Oh Tae-hwan, Oh Ji-hwan's twin brother. “Since when did you know Isena?” he provoked.

In relation to this, the 11th episode of 'We, Home', which will be aired on the 28th (today), will feature an 'emergency press conference' where Kim Hee-sun gathers reporters in one place and reveals important issues. In the play, there is a scene where Noh Young-won, neatly dressed in a suit, shows his resolute force at a press conference. Noh Young-won, who came up to the podium, read the prepared manuscript with solemn eyes and a heavy voice. On the other hand, Oh Ji-eun (Shin So-yul) appears at the press conference and is seen listening to Noh Young-won's presentation with a subtle smile, raising suspicions. With two episodes left until the end, curiosity is raised about what the contents of the manuscript Noh Young-won read and why Oh Ji-eun appeared at the press conference were raised.

Kim Hee-sun immediately immersed herself in the character of Noh Young-won in the 'predicament press conference' scene and overwhelmed the scene by showing off her strong charisma. Due to the nature of the scene, although the scene was complicated due to the large number of actors, Kim Hee-sun focused solely on the emotions, and soon completely transformed into Noh Young-won, who showed unwavering and determined will. It is said that Kim Hee-sun's acting skills, which show off her voice and eyes, drew admiration.

The production team said, “With two episodes left until the end, this scene will unfold a fierce confrontation between Kim Hee-sun and Yeon-woo, who is going on a rampage.” They added, “In ‘We, Home,’ which shocked us with its unpredictable developments, another turbulent storm is brewing. “Please check if we will hit it,” he said.

Episode 11 of ‘We, Home’ will be broadcast at 9:50 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google