Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Hye-won revealed how to educate their children on independence.
Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Hye-won revealed how to educate their children on independence.
Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Hye-won, who sent their daughters to New York University, a prestigious private university in the United States, introduced an educational method that fostered independence and economics.

In the 38th episode of Channel A's 'Family Beyond the Line', which aired on the 14th, four MCs Ahn Jung-hwan, Lee Hye-won, Yoo Se-yoon, and Song Jin-woo, along with 'Australia's representative' Sam Hammington, 'India's representative' Lucky, and 'American representative' Chris Johnson, participated in the US-Nepal debate. -The various daily lives of families who crossed the line to Switzerland were portrayed.

Lucky, who visited the studio for the first time as a representative of India, said hello to everyone, saying, “This is my 29th year living in Korea.” He said, “I debuted (in Korea) in 1999. He emphasized, “I went to ‘Gag Concert’ before Sam Hammington,” suddenly sparking a controversy over the ‘ranking of foreign comedians.’ Yoo Se-yoon asked, “Have you ever gathered on the rooftop?” When Lucky tilted his head and said, “Rooftop?”, he ended the controversy by taking sides and saying, “Sam was ‘relaxing’ in front of us.” Sam Hammington immediately said “Thank you” to Yoo Se-yoon and made her laugh.

American couple Yeo Jin-jin and Sam Roberts shared their first greetings as a new family. Yeo Yeo-jin explained, “I am currently living with my in-laws in Maryland to jointly raise my 8-month-old son, Koa,” and then introduced her family’s home. Roberts' parents' house was enormous, with a tree-lined street in the garden. The total land area is 1,470 pyeong and the mansion is 120 pyeong, and the mansion also has a large living room and kitchen, as well as a room for changing diapers and a room for the dog to rest, so many people said, “It looks like a drama set.”

After introducing the house, the couple took their son on an outing to Washington, D.C., where Sam works. As befits the city where American presidents lived, they started with a 'White House Tour'. Afterwards, we visited the 'Washington Monument', a tower that expresses gratitude and respect for George Washington, the 'first president', and the 'Lincoln Memorial', which honors America's most beloved president, Lincoln. In particular, these two places are located exactly in a straight line with the Capitol. Regarding this, Chris explained, “It means that Lincoln, Washington, and the people are connected as one to form the United States.”

Restaurants of past presidents were also introduced, including former President Barack Obama's favorite hot dog restaurant. The couple enjoyed a meal at President Kennedy's favorite restaurant, the restaurant where he proposed to Jacqueline. The menu included crab cakes, a traditional Maryland food, as well as New York steak and oyster stew. Upon seeing this, Sam said, “That’s delicious, but not as good as Korean spicy fish stew,” showing off his side as an ‘unstoppable Korean food lover.’
Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Hye-won revealed how to educate their children on independence.
Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Hye-won revealed how to educate their children on independence.
The story of Kim Na-hee and Asis from Nepal, who went to Varanasi, India to promote the 'K-Wedding' project, was revealed. After leaving Nepal and arriving in Varanasi, India, the couple began promoting their relationship with a free couple photo event. However, when there was no response to the sign saying it was free, the couple started selling to customers themselves. Accordingly, I suggested taking a photo first to the couple wearing the red one-piece dress. The couple was also satisfied with the Korean-style photo shoot, which pursues naturalness, unlike the standardized local wedding photos. Varanasi, which the Nepalese couple visited, was crowded with many believers because the Ganges River, a sacred place for Hindus, flows right next to it. The couple also decided to receive a blessing prayer from the priest, but Lucky, who saw this, said, “You have to be really careful,” and warned, “If you start without agreeing on the amount, you can get ripped off.” In fact, the priest demanded a high fee of 1,100 rupees (about 18,000 won) per prayer, but after an argument, the couple settled the situation by paying 500 rupees (about 8,200 won).

Afterwards, the couple looked at the crematorium where the lights were not turned off 24 hours a day and were once again amazed by the scenery of the Ganges River, where life and death coexist. I also fell in love with the charm of Varanasi by taking a dip in the river and making a wish. At this time, when Assis shouted, “All our sins have been washed away,” Yoo Se-yoon joked, “The back of my head wasn’t fully submerged in the water, so my sins still remain.” Ahn Jung-hwan suddenly recommended Song Jin-woo to swim in the Ganges River. When Song Jin-woo asked the reason, he said, “You played around with Yoo Se-yoon!” and suspected a ‘bromance’ between the two. Yoo Se-yoon then refuted, “We played together, we didn’t play around,” destroying the studio.

Lastly, the Swiss couple Jang Joo-hee and Lucas said they had a special time with their family on Mother's Day, and revealed how they invited their parents and siblings and enjoyed a party with homemade wood-fired pizza. The Swiss family attracted attention as they were a large family with six sons, including the first son, Lucas, who succeeded his father as the CEO of a bread factory. The six brothers inherited the family tradition created during their parents' time and made strawberry tarts together to commemorate Mother's Day. Hyewon Lee responded, "Our family goes on a family trip once a year. We prepare pocket money envelopes the day before the trip. It contains each person's expenses. It's a tradition that started when my eldest child was in middle school. She begs me to buy something on the trip. “There is no need to worry about what to do on a trip. He even goes out on his own one day and goes on a trip.”

Jang Joo-hee and Lucas also delivered stylish Korean-style gifts, including a bouquet of red carnations and red ginseng to wish for good health. Lee Hye-won, who saw this, said, “I also eat red ginseng every morning.” Ahn Jung-hwan said, "I'm giving it to you," and "You have to open the bag and put a straw in it. If it spills, it's over," showing his side as a lover.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google