Ahn Jung-hwan makes a shocking decision
Ahn Jung-hwan makes a shocking decision
Director Ahn Jung-hwan announces the shocking announcement of the eliminated candidates for 'Draft 47', the Avengers re-establishment project.

In JTBC's entertainment show 'We Have to Come Together 3' to be aired on the 16th, there will be a competition for survival among 'Draft 47' participants who risk their lives to pass the final exam. After going through the 'pressure interview test' by coach Ahn Jung-hwan and the coaches, the 'Yo-Yo Test', which is a football physical fitness test, and the '1-on-1 Cage Death Match' where you are immediately eliminated if you lose, the surviving participants will participate in a practical test called '5-on-5 Futsal Showdown'. Once again, we will be at the crossroads of elimination. In order to survive in the '5-on-5 Futsal Battle' in which all members of the winning team survive and all members of the losing team become candidates for elimination, the participants are expected to continue an unprecedentedly fierce match by demonstrating all their hidden soccer skills.

Ahead of the announcement of the eliminated candidates, director Ahn Jung-hwan drew attention by confessing to the participants who gave their best in the face of the crossroads of survival, "I made an inevitable choice with the feeling of cutting out my own flesh." Director Ahn Jung-hwan shocks the audience by announcing one after another of unexpected eliminations. It is said that when coach Ahn Jung-hwan announced the eliminated candidates, all the colleagues who had been together for a long time were speechless and the scene became a sea of tears as they continued to say their sad goodbyes.

The tearful goodbyes with the eliminated contestants are short-lived, and following the actual test '5-on-5 futsal match', a fierce battle unfolds between the survivors ahead of the final test '11-on-11 soccer' game, which is the last hurdle left before boarding the final entry. Attention is focused on who will be the main character who will capture the heart of director Ahn Jung-hwan amidst the fierce competition among the survivors who survived until the final test.

Director Ahn Jung-hwan's shocking announcement of the eliminated candidates ahead of the final test of 'Draft 47', the 'Somehow Avengers' re-establishment project that is heading towards the end of the long journey, can be seen on 'Let's Come Together 3', which airs at 7:10 pm on the same day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google