Kim Min-jung returns after 3 years
Kim Min-jung returns after 3 years
Kim Min-jung returns to the small screen after 3 years with ‘Check In Hanyang’.

Channel A's new drama 'Check-in Hanyang' is a turbulent coming-of-age romance drama that tells the story of 'Yongcheonru', the largest guest house in Joseon, with the solemn motto of 'the customer is king', and the youth of Joseon who joined the company as educational servants. Previously, the unique setting of 'Hotel during the Joseon Dynasty' was set, and popular young actors such as Bae In-hyuk, Kim Ji-eun, Jeong Geon-ju, and Jae-chan were cast.

On the 13th, news of actress Kim Min-jung's special appearance, which will add weight to 'Check In Hanyang', was announced, drawing attention. Kim Min-jung plays the role of Seol Mae-hwa, the main character of 'Yongcheonru'. Daegakju is in the same position as the general manager of the hotel and manages and supervises all operations of ‘Yongcheonru’. He is respected by Yongcheonru's subordinates and has the charisma to lead them without any problems.

In addition, Seol Mae-hwa becomes interested in Lee Eun (Bae In-hyuk), Hong Deok-soo (Kim Ji-eun), Cheon Jun-hwa (Jung Geon-ju), and Go Soo-ra (Jae-chan), who hang out together and shout “Haona” to the rules of the older generation. In particular, we will be paying close attention to Hong Deok-soo, who stands out. There is curiosity about how Seolmaehwa and the four people will become intertwined, and what is the reason for the attention on Hong Deoksoo.

It is known that Kim Min-jung willingly decided to make a special appearance because of the presence and charm of Seolmae-hwa, who leads the unique fictional world view of 'a super luxurious hotel of the Joseon Dynasty'. It is expected that explosive interest from the public will be focused on him, who has shown deeper charisma through this work.

Kim Min-jung is a former child actor, and has built a solid filmography by playing various characters in numerous works regardless of genre. He also earned the title of 'irreplaceable actor' for his acting skills that allow him to always try new transformations and perfectly portray any character. Kim Min-jung, who leaves a strong impression in each work with her extraordinary attractive power, raises curiosity about what kind of impact she will make as Seol Mae-hwa in 'Check-in Hanyang'.

Above all, 'Check In Hanyang' is attracting even more attention as Kim Min-jung's return to the small screen after about 3 years since 'The Devil Judge'. Since Kim Min-jung has become a hot topic with her heavy presence and amazing visuals every time she appears in historical dramas such as 'The Obscene Book' and 'The God of Business - Gaekju', the two keywords 'Kim Min-jung' and 'historical drama' alone amplify viewers' expectations.

‘Check In Hanyang’ is scheduled to come to viewers in the second half of this year.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google