Kim Hee-sun, true education for an adulterous husband
Kim Hee-sun, true education for an adulterous husband
The ending of Kim Hee-sun's 'True Education for Adulterous Husbands' brought a thrilling catharsis.

In MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'We, Home', Kim Hee-sun is increasing the drama's plausibility with her full acting skills. Kim Hee-sun's unstoppable cider solution to her in-laws, including her father-in-law who put her father in a corner, her mother-in-law who only protects her son, and her extramarital husband, is thrilling the home theater. Kim Hee-sun is giving a superb performance in the role of Noh Young-won, a psychological counselor trying to protect her family from an unknown blackmailer.

In particular, as 'We, Home' finished the first act, Kim Hee-sun exploded with indiscriminate anger toward her in-laws, whom she did not understand. In the play, Young-won is angry at the fact that her husband Jae-jin (Kim Nam-hee), who disappeared after an affair, committed suicide, but she struggles to return to her daily life. To Sagan (played by Lee Hee-young), who did not like this, she responded by saying, "It's okay if you didn't fall into the water," and gave her cider in front of her mother-in-law, saying everything she could. Furthermore, he predicted anger and revenge against Jae-jin, who hid his affair for a long time and deceived his family, saying, “(Jae-jin) is a dead person in my life.”

Meanwhile, in the 6th episode, Jaejin returned and shook up the small screen. In particular, Youngwon found Jaejin standing in front of the house as if nothing had happened, and as if exploding all his pent-up anger, he rushed at full accelerator, causing a thousand-year-old traffic jam to go down.

In this way, Kim Hee-sun expressed the character of Noh Yeong-won, who tries to protect her family by keeping her own principles despite the betrayal of the family she trusted and the pressure from Sena, with sharp speech and a variety of facial expressions according to emotions such as anger, hurt, fear, and strength. We are creating an eternal narrative. With Do-hyeon predicted to be the fourth target, expectations are high on how Noh Young-won will protect his family and what kind of passionate performance Kim Hee-sun will show in 'Us, Home', which will be further stirred by Jae-jin's comeback.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google