Kang Hoon becomes an announcer from the Military Academy
Kang Hoon becomes an announcer from the Military Academy
Actor Kang Hoon confirmed his appearance in the drama 'To My Harry'.

Genie TV's original 'To My Harry' (directed by Jeong Ji-hyun, Heo Seok-won/written by Han Ga-ram/planned by KT Studio Genie/produced by Studio Dragon and Studio Him) is about an announcer named 'Eun-ho (played by Shin Hye-sun)' whose new personality emerges due to a deep wound in her heart. , a drama depicting the refreshing and healing romance of Hyeon-oh (played by Lee Jin-wook), an ex-boyfriend who keeps his emotional wounds hidden.

In ‘My Dear Harry’, Kang Hoon played the role of Kang Joo-yeon, an announcer who graduated from the Military Academy. Kang Joo-yeon, who has a neat appearance and a cold personality like a stone, is a single person who has not known women since she graduated from boys' middle school, boys' high school, and the Military Academy. Expectations are high as to why Joo-yeon, a graduate of the Military Academy, chose a career as an announcer instead of an officer, and what kind of romance he will create as he finds it difficult to even communicate with female colleagues at his company.

Kang Hoon has shown a wide range of acting skills across genres through a number of works, including the dramas 'Red Sleeves' and 'Little Women', followed by 'Flower Scholar's Romance' and 'Into Your Time'. As he is captivating domestic and international viewers with his unique acting, interest is growing in the new appearance of Kang Hoon, who will be seen as Kang Joo-yeon's character in 'To My Harry'.

Genie TV's original drama 'To My Harry', starring Kang Hoon, Shin Hye-sun, and Lee Jin-wook, will be released for the first time through Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA in the second half of 2024.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google