Yang Se-hyung, there was a reason he was the owner of a building worth 10.9 billion won.
Yang Se-hyung, there was a reason he was the owner of a building worth 10.9 billion won.
Among the Salty Avengers MC corps, who are the rich and poor 'consumption MBTI'?

In KBS2's 'High-End Water Strider', which airs on the 11th, money trainer Kim Kyung-pil's tweezers 'consumption MBTI' test, which gave Lee Chan-won, Yang Se-hyung, Yang Se-chan and Jo Hyun-ah goosebumps, will be held.

On this day, while checking each other's MBTI, it was revealed that all MCs except Kim Kyung-pil were introverted type 'I'. Chan-won Lee joked, "When they go home after recording, they say, 'It's hard to make a living,'" making them burst into laughter.

Accordingly, Kim Kyung-pil said, “Consumption also has an MBTI,” and conducted a ‘consumption MBTI’ test that can be found out through the money management method he developed himself.

First, about Jo Hyun-ah's test results, Kim Kyung-pil said, "I tend to strictly manage and control my money, but when I give gifts to acquaintances, my spending fluctuates." Jo Hyun-ah was surprised and responded, "That's right."

Kim Kyung-pil then said that Chan-won Lee was “the ultimate in strict self-management” and that Yang Se-hyeong was “a style of going through difficult times” and that he guessed not only consumption patterns but also the evaluations of people around him like a pair of tweezers, causing goosebumps. However, it is said that Yang Se-chan, who was found to be “typical celebrity style,” was offended by Kim Kyung-pil’s subsequent comment.

While wondering who the consumption MBTI among the Salty Avengers MCs will be the richest, Kim Kyung-pil emphasized that "personality MBTI is difficult to change, but consumption MBTI can be changed because it is a habit," and gave special training methods to become a rich MBTI. The fact that he told us about it amplifies curiosity and anticipation at the same time.

Yang Se-hyung, who saw the client wearing trendy items from head to toe, including the hat worn by actress Park Min-young in the drama and the fashion of idol Jang Won-young, said, “It feels like New Jeans,” and the surprised client revealed the hidden New Jeans item.

The great performance of Yang Se-hyung, a 'consumer detective' who can smell the smell of money, who purchased a building near Hongik University in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul for 10.9 billion won in October last year, will be revealed on 'High-End Water Strider', which airs at 8:55 pm on the same day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google