Ki Bo-bae confesses to separation from her journalist husband
Ki Bo-bae confesses to separation from her journalist husband
Former national archery representative Ki Bo-bae revealed that she is living separately with her husband.

Ki Bo-bae appeared as a special MC on the SBS entertainment show 'Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2 - You Are My Destiny' (hereinafter referred to as 'Same Bed, Different Dreams 2'), which aired on the 10th.

Ki Bo-bae, who is currently working as a professor at Gwangju Women's University, her alma mater, after retirement, confessed that she and her husband have been a weekend couple since their active duty days. This is because Ki Bo-bae belonged to Gwangju City Hall. He said, “Last year, after the National Sports Festival, I put down my bow and stayed at home, but I started worrying about everything and nagging,” and revealed that after 5 months, he was living in a separate house again.

At the same time, Ki Bo-bae added, “I realized why there is a saying that ‘weekend couples must cultivate virtue through three generations.’”
Ki Bo-bae confesses to separation from her journalist husband
Ki Bo-bae confesses to separation from her journalist husband
Although she lives in a separate household, Ki Bo-bae boasts of her special relationship with her husband. In particular, her husband personally prepared Ki Bo-bae's retirement ceremony and also received a 27-dollar gold medal as a gift. Ki Bo-bae said, “I played as a player for 27 years,” and added, “My husband used to be a reporter, and now that he is working in the media, he takes reporters to meals and even prepares gifts in return.”

Ki Bo-bae said he was staying away from exercise after retirement, saying, “I got tired of exercise. While exercising, I had a strong desire to rest comfortably even for a day during my time as an athlete. “I can’t even go up the stairs now,” he said.

Ki Bo-bae was said to have worked so hard during his days as a player that his gums collapsed. He said, “I was very stressed and under a lot of pressure. Since I was young, I had a strong desire to succeed due to financial difficulties at home. “I felt comfortable having to practice until the practice range closed,” he said.

Because of this tenacity, she came in first place even when she was pregnant. Ki Bo-bae said, “I was two months pregnant. I had to go to a competition right now, but I couldn't say that I was giving up. I was scheduled to give birth in December, but I continued to play until the end of October. “I did it even when I was pregnant,” he said, surprising people.

Ki Bo-bae married her husband, a journalist seven years older than her, in 2017 and gave birth to a daughter the following year.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google