Kim Jaejoong returns to terrestrial television after 15 years, this was possible
Kim Jaejoong returns to terrestrial television after 15 years, this was possible
How did Kim Jaejoong's return to terrestrial entertainment after 15 years come to fruition?

Kim Jae-joong, a legendary idol in his 21st year of debut, appeared on KBS2's entertainment show 'New Release Edition' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant'), which aired on the 24th. Jaejoong Kim has garnered a lot of interest and anticipation from the moment the news of his joining Chef was announced. Kim Jaejoong's daily life, cooking, and charm, which were finally revealed, were powerful enough to make you "dizzy." Viewer reaction also exploded. Kim Jaejoong's return to terrestrial entertainment, which the public had been eagerly waiting for for 15 years, was successful.

Global star Kim Jaejoong is spending his days busier than anyone else in Asia. How did the production team of ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ cast Jaejoong Kim as a feature chef? What made Kim Jaejoong's return to terrestrial entertainment after 15 years possible? Will we be able to meet Kim Jaejoong on ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ in the future? I listened to the story of Producer Lee Yu-min of ‘Pyeon Restaurant’.

Producer Lee Yu-min of ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ said, “Kim Jae-joong was consistently on the list as a representative celebrity who is good at cooking from the planning stage of ‘Pyeon Restaurant’. “When we saw the cooking photos posted on social media, we thought, ‘I really need to get this person,’ so we kept sending love calls,” he said about the reason for recruiting Kim Jaejoong to be a special chef.

Producer Lee Yoo-min then said, “What got a little more specific was that I publicly mentioned in an interview article during the 200th special episode last year that I really wanted to invite Kim Jae-joong, and Jae-joong commented on SNS along with the article, ‘What can I make for you?’ The first thing that happened was that you responded by adding a . He explained, “It wasn’t easy for Jaejoong to appear on the show because he had a lot of overseas schedules, but from then on, we talked about it in detail again and we ended up meeting each other like this.”

After Kim Jaejoong's appearance in 'Pyeon Restaurant' was released, the response was truly explosive. SNS and various communities posted comments such as “I couldn’t believe I saw Kim Jaejoong on ‘Pyeon Restaurant’”, “I never thought Kim Jaejoong could cook so well!”, “He looks like a visual genius and has a personality as delicious as Cheonggukjang”, “He must have been the youngest son of a rich man’s family.” etc. Above all, there is a strong response from viewers to Kim Jaejoong's daily life and unexpected charms, which have not been widely revealed until now.

Regarding this, PD Lee Yu-min said, “Jaejoong Kim debuted in 2003 and has been receiving a lot of love for a long time, but his personal daily life has not been revealed much on broadcast. That's why I think there were so many viewers who were curious. Moreover, there must have been many people who didn’t know that Jaejoong Kim was such a good cook and loved it.”

He continued, “It was mentioned in Jaejoong’s first broadcast, but he has such a gorgeous appearance that it was hard to imagine him being the person who makes kimchi at home on his days off. “There are so many attractive sides of Jaejoong that he has not yet shown on entertainment shows, but this time on ‘Pyeon Restaurant,’ I think he was able to tell deep stories and show off his brilliant cooking skills that I had only heard about through rumors,” he said. Here, expectations were raised by adding, “In the future, Kim Jae-joong’s unique recipe and charismatic appearance on stage will continue to be revealed on ‘Pyeon Restaurant,’ so please show a lot of interest and anticipation.”

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google