Lee Hye-young "I've never seen Kim Hee-sun act before"
Lee Hye-young "I've never seen Kim Hee-sun act before"
Actress Lee Hye-young, who debuted 44 years ago, revealed that this was her first time seeing Kim Hee-sun's acting.

On the 23rd, the production presentation for MBC's new Friday-Saturday drama 'We, Home' was held online. Actors Kim Hee-sun, Lee Hye-young, Kim Nam-hee, Yeon-woo, Hwang Chan-seong, Jae-chan, and director Lee Dong-hyun attended the pre-recorded event.

'We, Home' tells the story of Noh Young-won (played by Kim Hee-sun), the best family psychologist in Korea, whose career and family are threatened by an unknown blackmailer, and who works together with her mother-in-law Hong Sa-gang (played by Lee Hye-young), a mystery novel writer, to protect her family. is a life-oriented comic thriller that tells a story.

Lee Hye-young takes on the role of Noh Young-won's mother-in-law and mystery novel writer Hong Sa-gang, who devoted her life to her only son, Choi Jae-jin. He said, "When I choose a work, I think about how enjoyable it can be. I felt like this work would somehow bring comfort. It's a family story, and I was curious what kind of prescription Noh Young-won would give. Each of them would have to have a different customized prescription, so I “I had high expectations, and it was good to have Kim Hee-sun,” he said.

Lee Hye-young said about Kim Hee-sun, "I have never seen Kim Hee-sun act before. I only knew her as a celebrity with a cheerful personality, but I was surprised when I saw her acting. She is very pretty and cheerful, but she has the manners of a star. Among her seniors, she is one of the best. “I’ve seen about 100 people, and this is the first time I’ve seen someone younger than me, saying she’s the best woman and best actor,” he said.

In response, Kim Hee-sun said, "When senior Lee Hye-young said she would appear on the show, I was busy bragging to people around me. Even the special actors who appeared in our drama were jealous of me. I watched not only her work but also entertainment shows.
“It was an honor itself,” he said, expressing his respect.

‘We, Home’ will be aired for the first time on the 24th at 9:50 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google