Ryu Jun-yeol "I will go without the controversy over Han So-hee and Hyeri's private life."
Ryu Jun-yeol "I will go without the controversy over Han So-hee and Hyeri's private life."
Actor Ryu Jun-yeol opened up about his personal life issues.

On the 23rd, Ryu Jun-yeol met with Ten Asia at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul and told various stories about the Netflix series 'The 8 Show'.

'The Eight Show' is a work that depicts the story of eight people who are trapped in a secret space divided into eight floors and participate in a sweet but dangerous show where they 'earn money as time accumulates'. It is an adaptation of the webtoons ‘Money Game’ and ‘Pygame’ by author Bae Jin-soo, which recorded 300 million cumulative global views.

In the play, Ryu Jun-yeol plays the role of a third-floor person who receives an invitation to 'The Eight Show' when he is about to give up everything after being scammed and in huge debt.

Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee recently went public with their relationship and in the process of breaking up, rumors of a 'transit relationship' arose. In addition, while working as a public relations ambassador for Greenpeace, he showed his pride as a golf enthusiast by serving as a caddy, which drew criticism as 'greenwashing' (an act of promoting an eco-friendly image through advertisements while producing products that actually have a negative impact on the environment). Ryu Jun-yeol previously said at the production presentation, “This is the time when I have the most worries since my debut.”

Ryu Jun-yeol said, "When an issue arose, I heard a lot of stories through articles. I felt criticism and a sense of betrayal from the public. I think they liked and supported the image I had after my debut, but as time went by, I felt betrayed by other images. “I felt like I was spending time reflecting on myself and thinking about what I was missing.”

When asked about the reason why he remained silent about privacy issues, unlike Hyeri and Han So-hee, Ryu Jun-yeol said, "When speculations made against my will are shared on the Internet and people ask what the truth is, I do not choose to speak my position on it and deal with the criticism that arises from it. “I think it was best to accept it, and even if I were to go back, I think I would still keep silent,” he said.

When asked if it was his intention to take it alone, he said, "That's what's inside me. I thought it would be better to just keep silent here rather than talk about something new and have them create new rumors or speculation. I was trying to prevent anything more from coming out." “I thought it was right to go without worrying about my image, but I decided that wasn’t the case if I could solve all my feelings and pain.”

Regarding the failure to cast 'Dazzle' with Han So-hee, "As with any other work, the director asked, 'How about something like this?' “It was one of the suggestions,” he said. “Unfortunately, the story we talked about before it was resolved became official as it was published in an article, so it was unfortunate that it seemed like it might not have happened even if it had nothing to do with the issue. “I’m sorry, but I’ve never shared my feelings of disappointment because I know he’s not the director,” he said.

'This is really unfair!' Is there anything I can do? Ryu Jun-yeol maintained his silence, saying, “I don’t think I will feel relieved if I talk more.”

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google