Kyung-ho Jeong becomes a labor attorney
Kyung-ho Jeong becomes a labor attorney
Actor Jeong Kyung-ho confirmed his appearance in MBC's new Friday-Saturday drama 'Labor Attorney Noh Moo-jin (working title)'.

‘Labor Attorney Noh Moo-jin’, which MBC will present in 2025, is a comical fantasy drama about a labor attorney who sees ghosts and solves difficult labor problems.

In ‘Labor Attorney Noh Moo-jin’, Jeong Kyung-ho plays the main character ‘Noh Moo-jin’. Mujin is a labor attorney who makes a living with no historical or social consciousness. After pursuing corruption in the labor field with an issue-making YouTuber and coming to the brink of death, he cries and eats mustard just to survive, and grows up by solving labor problems requested by ghosts.

Actor Jung Kyung-ho, who left a strong impression in 2004 with 'I'm Sorry, I Love You' and rose to stardom as soon as he debuted, appeared in every work he appeared in, including 'Life on Mars', 'Prison Playbook', 'Wise Doctor Life' series, and even 'Ilta Scandal'. Along with successive successes, he has shown perfect character digestion. Jung Kyung-ho, who meets MBC drama viewers eight years after 'Missing Nine' (2017), is expected to perfectly portray 'Roh Moo-jin' with his unique slyness and life-oriented acting skills.

The screenplay for 'Labor Attorney Noh Moo-jin' was written by Kim Bo-tong, who wrote the OTT dramas 'Wilderness' and 'DP' series, and Yoo Seung-hee, who wrote the movies 'Happy New Year', 'I Can Speak', and 'My Love, My Bride'. The director is Lim Soon-rye, who directed ‘The Best Moment of Our Lives’, ‘Little Forest’, and ‘Negotiation’. 'Labor Attorney Noh Moo-jin' is attracting attention as director Lim Soon-rye's first drama directing work.

An MBC drama representative said, “'Labor Attorney Noh Moo-jin' deals with a rather heavy topic, labor issues, but it will be made into a very pleasant and refreshing story with the addition of comedy and fantasy. “With trustworthy actor Jeong Kyung-ho playing the main character and director Im Sun-rye, who has been loved for his work in Chungmuro, directing, we expect that the story will resonate with viewers with more realistic content than reality,” he said.

‘Labor Attorney Noh Moo-jin (tentative title)’ has been confirmed as an MBC Friday-Saturday drama in 2025 and will begin full-scale production.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google