Min-kyung Kim found a second job
Min-kyung Kim found a second job
Comedian Kim Min-kyung has performed exceptionally well since her first business.

Kim Min-kyung started to become a beginner businessman with witty remarks and kind customer service on MBC's 'Jangan's Topics', which was first broadcast on the 21st (yesterday).

On this day, Min-kyung Kim, along with Yun-jeong Jang and Hyun-woo Lee, opened a pop-up store to promote local specialties. She personally talked about business strategies and recommended Jang Yun-jeong to cook. The first pop-up competition was held in Cheongyang. Bae Jeong-nam proposed a bet, asking if the losing team should give all the proceeds to the winning team. Upon hearing this, Kim Min-kyung readily accepted, saying, “I think Jeong-nam has a point.”

Kim Min-kyung stopped by a business partner to buy cheonggukjang (cheonggukjang). Kim Min-kyung, who even got kimchi there, immediately inhaled it and laughed. She also danced excitedly to express her gratitude to the owner who provided her with free kimchi.

Next, she attracted attention with her zealous business persona, including her clear-headed general manager role, including calculating the tofu thoroughly, as well as asking questions in the market.

Meanwhile, Min-kyung Kim happened to see a banner for the Jangseung Festival while walking down the street and headed to the festival site with Yun-jeong Jang and Hyun-woo Lee. There, Team Jang, to which Min-kyung Kim belongs, opened a pop-up store and captured the attention of tourists enjoying the festival.

Min-kyung Kim naturally led the first customer to the front of the truck and served the customer with great speaking skills. Kim Min-kyung did not forget to give niche advice to Jang Yoon-jeong, who had given a lot of kimchi to the first customer, asking her to adjust the amount, saying, “Please give me too much kimchi.”

In particular, when the tofu kimchi sold out in just four plates, Kim Min-kyung said to the next customer, “Mom, we have to stir-fry kimchi again now.” “That girl gave me too much stir-fried kimchi,” Jang Yoon-jeong said, showing off her big hands, bringing happy laughter from those watching.

Meanwhile, ‘Team Jang’ and ‘Team Ahn’ gathered in one place and opened a pop-up store together. Those who started selling by keeping each other in check continued their business in their own way. Kim Min-kyung attracted customers to Team A's pop-up store with her witty remarks. As a result, I enjoyed the joy of winning the total profit bet.

Kim Min-kyung's performance, which brightens Tuesday nights with her exciting entertainment skills, can be seen on MBC's 'Jangan's Topics', which airs every Tuesday night at 10 PM.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google