Hoyoung Jeong makes remarks ignoring fellow chefs
Hoyoung Jeong makes remarks ignoring fellow chefs
'Hoyoung, the King of Pork Cutlets' Chef Hoyoung Jeong made people laugh by bickering with his best friend, Chef Song Hoon.

During the recent filming of SBS FiL and SBS M's 'King of Pork Cutlet, Hoyoung', chefs Hoyoung Jeong and Chef Hoon Song met and shared stories about the origin of pork cutlet, showing differences in their positions.

Chef Hoyoung Jeong started making pork cutlet himself and said, “I will show you that I am not only good at making pork cutlet, not just eating it.” When he boasted, “I can do all kinds of things,” Chef Song Hoon, who was secretly listening to this, couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Upon his appearance, Chef Song Hoon attacked Chef Hoyoung Jeong, saying, “You’ve become a lot arrogant,” and Chef Hoyoung Jeong said, “Isn’t it you? He responded by saying, “Don cutlet?” to keep him in check. Chef Song Hoon said, “The origin of pork cutlet is western food. “I am a Western-style chef,” he explained. “Originally, it wasn’t pork, it was veal.” Chef Hoyoung Jeong said, “Schnitzel is made with veal. “I know that much,” he added.

Chef Song Hoon said, “When it moved to Japan, (cutlet) became katsu,” but Chef Jeong Ho-young showed pride as a Japanese chef, saying, “It became very popular and popularized when it became katsu in Japan.”

In the end, the two concluded, “Don cutlet is important,” and “Don cutlet has become so popular that it can be called a Korean food.”

The two then made several pork cutlet meal kits, ate them, evaluated them, and made their own pork cutlet. Meanwhile, the two people continued to bicker, and when Chef Song Hoon pointed out that he was the best in western food, Chef Hoyoung Jeong dissed him and said, “Isn’t Choi Hyun-seok the best in western food?”, making them burst into laughter.

'Hoyoung, the King of Pork Cutlets' is a mockumentary that mixes reality and fiction with dramatized fun based on information about pork cutlets. It will be broadcast on SBS FiL and SBS M at 3:30 PM on Thursday, May 16, and prior to this, it will be pre-released as 'King of Pigs, Hoyoung - Pork Cutlet Lighting' every Thursday at 6 PM on the YouTube channel SBS FiL and Jeong Ho-young's Today's Cooking. do.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google