Lee Je-hoon goes and Kim Hee-sun comes.
Lee Je-hoon goes and Kim Hee-sun comes.
MBC's new Friday-Saturday drama 'We, Home' has revealed three 'expected points' that herald the birth of a different paradigm of 'lifestyle comic thriller'.

'We, Home', which will be aired for the first time on the 24th, follows Noh Young-won (played by Kim Hee-sun), the best family psychologist in Korea, as her career and family are threatened by an unknown blackmailer, and she works together with her mother-in-law, a mystery novel writer, to protect her family. is a life-oriented comic thriller that contains a story.

On the 14th, 'We, Home' summarized three 'expectation points' that can only be expected from the work with 10 days left until the first broadcast.

#One. MBC's Friday-Saturday drama continues its 'box office success'! Announcement of the birth of a well-made work that continues the famous line of 'drama masterpieces'

MBC will start with 'Lovers', which caused a huge sensation in late 2023, followed by 'Yeolnyeo Park's Contract Marriage', which attracted sensational topics both domestically and overseas, and 'Blooms at Night', which recorded the highest viewership rating in MBC's Friday-Saturday drama history in early 2024. Not only 'Flower' and 'Wonderful World', which achieved high viewership ratings as a mystery drama, but also 'Investigation Chief 1958', which had the highest viewership rating for the first episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday dramas of all time, achieved five successive box office successes.

Meanwhile, 'We, Home' is attracting attention as an attractive work that will continue the box office success of MBC's Friday-Saturday dramas starting in 2023. 'We, Home' starts with the question, 'How is your family now?' and raises new topics about what we think of family, making us reflect on the true meaning of family. With swirling waves, shocking narratives, and repeated unimaginable twists and turns, it is heralding the birth of a fresh 'well-made work' that continues the legacy of 'the famous MBC Friday-Saturday dramas.'

#2. It brings out the charm of a differentiated ‘comic thriller’ narrative. Daughter-in-law and mother-in-law's special 'cooperation' created by disharmony and unavoidable circumstances, brilliant 'sensuous directing'

'We, Home' is not a simple thriller, but a genre of 'lifestyle comic thriller' created by unexpected incongruities and inevitable situations, forming a differentiated consensus with a new perspective on how we think about family. Elegant and cultured daughter-in-law Noh Young-won (Kim Hee-sun) and mother-in-law Hong Sa-gang (Lee Hye-young), two people who cannot relate at all, have no choice but to choose 'cooperation' when they face an extreme situation where their perfect family is threatened. In the process, the distrust and bare faces towards each other are revealed poignantly, giving an ironic laugh.

In particular, director Lee Dong-hyeon captured the 'taste of black comedy' by depicting in detail the extreme comedy that comes from the absurdity of the daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, and father-in-law who barely join hands to protect their family, with humorous twists and detailed descriptions. In addition, the subtle changes in each character's emotions, which are different on the outside and inside, are expressed with colorful colors and sophisticated mise-en-scène, and the directing ability that emphasizes the charm of a 'comic thriller' maximizes immersion.

#3. The driving force behind ‘extreme immersion’! The solid acting skills and unconventional acting transformation of ‘luxury actors’

The reason why we can't help but look forward to 'Us, Home' is the explosion of acting synergy and the different levels of acting skills of actors such as Kim Hee-sun, Lee Hye-young, Kim Nam-hee, Yeon Woo, Hwang Chan-sung, Kwon Hae-hyo, Ahn Gil-gang, and Jae-chan. Kim Hee-sun takes on the role of Noh Young-won, a psychological counselor and celebrity who is gaining national popularity, and embarks on an unprecedented acting transformation that has never been seen before. Lee Hye-young plays the role of Hong Sa-gang, a mystery novel writer and Noh Young-won's mother-in-law, and provides a unique interest through collaboration with daughter-in-law Noh Young-won. Kim Nam-hee plays the role of Choi Jae-jin, the husband of Noh Young-won, who has never lived according to her own will, and Yeon-woo plays the role of Se-na Lee, a mysterious woman whose actions cannot be predicted.

In addition, Hwang Chan-seong and Jae-chan bring vitality to the play and at the same time complete unique characters in a realistic way. Kwon Hae-hyo and Ahn Gil-kang are actors with experience and experience, and they skillfully portray three-dimensional characters, maximizing the tension and fun of the play.

The production team said, “‘We, Home’ will have a fantastic synergy with the perfect ‘writing, writing, and writing’ line-up, from actors with solid acting skills to director Lee Dong-hyun and writer Nam Ji-yeon.” They added, “A new genre that has never been seen before, “Please look forward to ‘Us, Home,’ which will be a collection of actors’ unique acting transformations.”

‘We, Home’ will premiere at 9:50 PM on the 24th, following ‘Investigation Team Leader 1958’.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google