Ji-seong and Jeon Mi-do reunite after 20 years
Ji-seong and Jeon Mi-do reunite after 20 years
Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do of SBS's new Friday-Saturday drama 'Connection' attract attention with their 'funeral two-shot' with a completely different temperature.

SBS's new Friday-Saturday drama 'Connection', which will be aired for the first time on the 24th, is a story about an ace detective from the drug team who was forcibly addicted to drugs by someone, using the death of his friend as a clue to uncover the full story of the connection and the deteriorating friendship that lasted for 20 years. It is a ‘chase suspense’ drama.

'Connection' is raising expectations as it is known for the meeting of 'Prosecutor's Civil War' writer Lee Hyeon, who boasts solid skills and unique sensibility, and 'Trolley' director Kim Moon-kyo, and Ji Sung, Jeon Mi-do, Kwon Yul, and Kim Kyung-nam, who bring vitality to the play with stable acting. there is. Jang Jae-kyung and Oh Yun-jin, who will be played by Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do, lead the play as high school classmates and one of the minor friends, a detective on the narcotics team who is forcibly addicted to drugs, and a reporter who becomes a gold jack to make a living after encountering reality.

In relation to this, 'Connection' Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do will present 'Meaningful Funeral Home Two-shot' in which they transform into Jang Jae-kyung and Oh Yun-jin, who do not smile even after meeting for a long time. In the play, there is a scene where Jang Jae-kyung (Ji-seong) and Oh Yun-jin (Jeon Mi-do) reunite at a funeral hall after 20 years due to the sudden death of their friend. Jang Jae-kyung and Oh Yun-jin stand between the head meat and soju and let out angry and frustrated sighs, showing the opposite temperature difference between them.

However, curiosity soon increases as the two people exchange close conversations. Why did Jae-kyung Jang, who had cut off relationships with her friends because she thought friendship was dangerous, appear in front of her friends for the first time in 20 years? What was the real purpose of Oh Yun-jin's visit to the funeral, who, unlike Jae-kyung Jang, was very conscious of her surroundings and said something to Jae-kyung Jang? My curiosity rises as to what it is.

Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do's 'Same Bed, Different Dreams, Funeral Arrivals' scene was highly immersive due to the two people's outstanding concentration. Ahead of this scene, where they had to clearly reveal their character's thoughts while working with a large number of people, the two focused on their emotions without putting the script in their hands until filming began. It is said that he showed passion by making thorough preparations, such as adjusting the tone of the lines while matching the movement line during rehearsal.

The production team said, “Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do only knew how to be savory like a head fish, but they perfectly captured the atmosphere of the reunion scene with a friend as bitter as soju and expressed it delicately.” They added, “Every time we film, I fall in love with their acting as friends. “Viewers will also empathize with those feelings through the broadcast of ‘Connection,’” he said.

'Connection' will premiere at 10 PM on the 24th, following 'Resurrection of the Seven'.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google