Sleepy reveals daughter on 27 days old
Sleepy reveals daughter on 27 days old
DinDin was reborn as a decent and reliable uncle through the raising of his nephew Nicolo.

Episode 525 of KBS2's entertainment show 'The Return of Superman' (hereinafter referred to as 'Superman'), which aired on the 12th, was featured as the 'It's Always a Warm Spring Day When I Look at You' episode. Among them, DinDin, Nicolo, and Yoo Seon-ho went on an outing to Gyeongbokgung Palace and showed off the chemistry between an uncle and nephew full of love, and Jay B. and Jun-beom met with Sleepy's recently born daughter Ua and Park Seul-gi's daughter Riye to celebrate the birth of baby angels. .

On this day, DinDin went on an outing to Gyeongbokgung Palace with his 37-month-old nephew, Nicolo, dressed beautifully in Hanbok. At this time, actor Yoo Seon-ho appeared and attracted attention with the composure of a person with childcare experience who took care of his 8-year-old younger brother. When Nikola suddenly became obsessed with looking for 'Baby Shark', asking "Where's the baby shark?", DinDin pointed to the dragon and explained at eye level, "There was a daddy shark here." Yoo Seon-ho transformed the fish in the lake into sharks and brought laughter to the viewers with his sly improvisation of 'Uncles'.

Nikola looked at the pigeon and asked, “Bird, what are you doing?”, “Why is the pigeon here?” He made a smile with his cute appearance that aroused his keen curiosity. Nicolo then showed off his vitality by taking on the Takjichigi and Tuho games. In addition, Nicolo showed concentration during Dindin and Yoo Seon-ho's history class with bright eyes shining, and even showed off his 'strongest brain' by shouting, "General Ituntin!" and never forgetting what he studied.

DinDin continued, “Imagine coming home from filming ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ and finding yourself raising a child. “You really have to be nice to Se-yoon and Jeong-hoon,” he said, showing his respect for Harue’s parents who took full responsibility for Nicolo. Among these, Nicolo emerged as a rising star in the mukbang world. Nicolo opened his mouth like a baby bird and kept asking for seaweed soup, and eventually he picked up a spoon and finished two bowls of rice neatly.

Yoo Seon-ho cut the meat for Nicolo and made Nicolo smile with a realistic reaction using 100% of the actor's abilities. In particular, Nicolo expressed his affection during his day with DinDin by saying, “I like Uncle Titi!” and DinDin smiled a smile that he couldn’t hide. Regarding his day with Nicolo, Dindin exclaimed, “Parents are truly supermen,” and added, “Nicolo came to me calling me ‘Uncle Dindin,’ so I thought to myself when he had grown up so much. “I hope Nicolo will have this memory when he grows up,” he said, growing into a reliable uncle.

Jay-Born met Sleepy and his daughter ‘Wooah’ on the 27th day of becoming a father with Jun-Beom. Among them, Jay Writer revealed his 'Postpartum Care Practitioner Level 1' certificate and revealed his professional knowledge for 'new father' Sleepy, drawing admiration. Jay continued to provide detailed parenting coaching, from basic living environment checks such as “60% humidity is too high” to how to hold the baby. Jason looked at Sleepy changing his daughter Wooa’s diaper and said, “I’m so touched. “I was wondering how I was going to be able to take care of things on my own when Junbeom was in a hurry,” he said, expressing special emotions as he recalled his days as a new father when he was clumsy at everything.

Sleepy took care of Woowa calmly according to J.T.'s advice, and said, “When I first saw Woowa, my heart beat really fast. This was the first time I felt truly overwhelmed. “I have gained a lot of responsibility,” said the father, expressing his feelings about facing a new world thanks to Woowa, raising expectations for Sleepy’s future growth with Woowa.

Next, Jay-Won and Jun-Beom and his wife visited Park Seul-gi, who recently gave birth to her second daughter Ri-ye in March, carrying Hong Hyun-hee's abalone and seaweed soup. As a result, Riye, a baby angel who looks exactly like Park Seul-gi, was revealed, creating joy. Seulgi Park said, “I was so anxious that I went to work the day after giving birth. “I felt proud that there was someone looking out for me,” she said, showing off her appearance as a working mother full of passion. Jason skillfully hugged Li Ye and said, “She’s so pretty. I'm a little upset. “When Junbeom was a newborn, I had no peace of mind,” he said, recalling the days when he was busy solving unpredictable situations every day.

Soye showed off her sisterly love by handing a toy to Junbeom, and Junbeom made the online aunts automatically smile with his sweet smile when Soye greeted him. Accordingly, the growth of Jun-beom, who grew up day by day, and Jay-Won, who has now become an experienced parent, gave a touching impression to the viewers.

‘The Return of Superman’ airs every Sunday at 9:15 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google