Park Young-gyu, “I married a man 25 years younger than me and had a daughter.”
Park Young-gyu, “I married a man 25 years younger than me and had a daughter.”
Song Ji-eun spoke about her marriage to Park Wi.

MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which aired on the 8th, featured a special feature called 'Bounce with Issues' starring Park Young-gyu, Jang Su-won, Song Ji-eun, and Park Ji-hyun. On this day, the broadcast ranked first in its time slot with a viewership rating of 4.1% based on households in the metropolitan area (hereinafter the same).

The winner of the best minute was Jang Su-won. Jang Su-won, who recently became a father-to-be, surprised everyone by revealing his 'AI robot'-like daily routine, saying that he lived the life of a good mother and good wife until his wife's pregnancy stabilized. As a result, the viewership rating soared to a peak of 5.2%.

Park Young-gyu, who recently became a hot topic with the news of his fourth marriage, said that he wanted to live quietly, but after revealing the fact of his fourth marriage on a broadcast program, he decided to come forward for the first time in five years. He generously revealed his efforts and heartache, such as proposing to his wife, who is 25 years younger than him, with a lump sum payment for a car, to make her 'my woman', as well as his paternal love for his daughter from his fourth marriage. He took over 'Radio Star' by talking openly about his past marriage and divorce.

Park Young-gyu also mentioned the popularity of the popular sitcoms ‘Soonpoong Obstetrics and Gynecology’ and ‘Middal’s Dad’. At the time, the behind-the-scenes story of actor Lee Deok-hwa auditioning for the role of 'Midal's Dad' was surprising. Park Young-gyu was proud of the fact that the sitcom is still loved even though it has been nearly 30 years since it ended, saying, “Acting is what you do for the same taste,” but he was also disappointed that there were no royalties. He also mentioned the time when he escaped from being an unknown actor as 'Kim Hee-ae's man' in a weekend drama 35 years ago, and made people laugh by saying that he felt unfair and was unable to become a Korean Wave star because he was in the wrong era.

Park Young-gyu, who sang the immortal song 'Chameleon', also recalled his colorful past when he was so wealthy and popular that his daily income was 10 million won. Park Young-gyu's performance, from singing 'Chameleon' to 'I'm a person who does things even when I'm not asked to do it' and performing his personal skills as 'Underachie Dad', brought pleasant laughter. Park Young-gyu was happy when he mentioned BTS Jungkook as a junior singer to whom he would like to pass on the 'Chameleon' title.

Jang Soo-won, a 'father-to-be' who successfully underwent in vitro fertilization after three years of marriage, visited 'LAS' with the issue of his wife's pregnancy. In addition to being invited to appear on a couple's reality program, he attracted attention by revealing his daily routine of quitting smoking for 10 months due to in vitro fertilization and living the life of a good mother and good wife for his wife.

The secret relationship and proposal behind Jang Su-won, who married his stylist wife who is one year older than him, were also revealed. Because he worked in the same industry, he did not announce his relationship to those around him, but Ju Ji-hoon, who watched his wife's treatment of him, discovered that they were in a relationship. In addition, he revealed the secret story of his appearance in 'Love and War', which brought about his second heyday through 'robot acting', and the story of the first pitch while wearing robot makeup, and surprised people with his passionate desire for entertainment.

Song Ji-eun from Secret shared the reactions of those around her after announcing her marriage to Park Wi. In particular, when comedian Jo Hye-ryun reached out first, offering to sing a congratulatory song, Kim Gura, Jo Hye-ryun's male friend, reacted angrily, causing laughter. Song Ji-eun also expressed her honest feelings in response to the worried reactions of those around her, saying, “I really didn’t care about the obstacles when deciding to get married.”

He also revealed the positive changes that have occurred since dating Park Wi and the current status of his future daughter-in-law, who receives a lot of love from her future mother-in-law. Meanwhile, the past of Song Ji-eun, the former main vocalist of Secret, was revealed, including the story of her poor dormitory life during her days as a subsistence girl group, shedding tears because she was overly immersed in a situation created during the filming of a real documentary, and her income from taking first place in Secret while singing the chorus. , At the time of the beginning of the girl group ‘Dumpling Head’, their cute appearance continued to attract attention.

Lastly, trot singer Park Ji-hyun, who revealed her daily life on 'I Live Alone' and became the 'Gian84 of the trot world', came out to take over 'Las'. Park Ji-hyun succeeded in securing the last place due to her asymmetrical face, but Park Young-gyu and Yoo Se-yoon faced a high wall from their vocal imitation skills, showing the struggles of an 'entertainment chick'. Accordingly, Park Young-gyu gave Park Ji-hyun advice as a senior entertainer, creating a heartwarming experience.

Park Ji-hyun is often told that she resembles Choi Min-yong, Gree, and Lim Young-woong, and among them, she is said to resemble Gree the most. Accordingly, Kim Gu-ra began to adopt a unique perspective. In particular, Kim Gura, the ‘gri dad’ who compared him to Donghyun (Gree) by saying, “You’re completely different from Donghyun (Gree)” to the ‘filial singer’ aspect of giving half of his income to his parents, brought laughter.

Park Ji-hyun's current status, which is so busy that 24 hours are not enough for events, concerts, and new song preparations, as well as Park Ji-hyun's nose-winking 'points to attract fans' and 'admiring comments' that captivate fans, were also revealed and attracted attention. Also, the story of Park Ji-hyun, whose family lived in a PC room without a decent room, was surprising. Park Ji-hyun, who worked various part-time jobs to make money, decided to take on the challenge of 'Mr. Trot 2' with the thought, 'I need to do something with my own power.' The MCs were impressed by Park Ji-hyun's success story and cheered for her continued success.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google