Eun Ji-won "Dating wasn't easy after divorce"
Eun Ji-won "Dating wasn't easy after divorce"
Eun Ji-won revealed that she was not able to date easily after her divorce.

On the 9th, the production presentation for season 5 of MBN's entertainment show 'Idol Singles' was broadcast live online. PD Park Seon-hye, Lee Hye-young, Yoo Se-yoon, Lee Ji-hye, Eun Ji-won, and Austin Kang attended the event.

'Idol Singles 5' depicts the uncompromising love war of 'MZ Singles' in the 90s gathered on Jeju Island. MCs include Hye-young Lee, Se-yoon Yoo, Ji-hye Lee, Ji-won Eun, and Austin Kang.

Producer Park Sun-hye said about 'Idol Singles', "It's a program that you can understand without having to say much. I think it's one of the pillars of Korean dating programs," and added, "This season features singles from the 90s who can be said to represent the MZ generation. “He explained.

He continued, "It was the most difficult and difficult season from the production team's perspective. Unforeseen and unexpected situations arose on set. There were situations that could be misunderstood as scripted. But they can become new points of fun, so viewers will have much more fun." He said, “Each episode is fun and the tension continues. The pattern of responding to the new rules is different from the previous cast. I think that will also be a highlight.”

Eun Ji-won said, "Because I have experienced (divorce), I have not been able to date easily. But I think it's good because 'Idol Singles' is about dating under the same conditions, so no one feels intimidated. I have no illusions about marriage. “Being in a relationship felt new to me,” he said.

‘Idol Singles 5’ will premiere on the 9th at 10:20 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google