Chan-won Lee, takes the first exam to become a licensed real estate agent
Chan-won Lee, takes the first exam to become a licensed real estate agent
MBC's entertainment show 'Save Me!' to be aired on the 9th. In 'Holmes' (hereinafter 'Holmes'), trot singers Chan-won Lee and Ji-eun Yang set out to find a property for sale.

On this day's broadcast, a client appears who is looking for a house with a yard in Jeju for his dogs. The client currently runs a bookstore in Jeju Island with two dogs. The client said he requested it because he wanted to save a yard in Jeju where his dogs could run and play freely. The desired area was the western part of Jeju, within a 30-minute drive from the bookstore. The budget stated that the sale could be in the 300-400 million won range, and in the case of Yonsei, it could be up to 20 million won or less.

Trot singer Lee Chan-won will appear as the representative of the Bok team. When Lee Chan-won appears, Yang Se-hyung introduces him as the 'rich nickname' in the entertainment industry and asks if there is any nickname he wants other than Chandtobaegi, Chanpago, Chanttowiki, and Chantto Aunt. When Lee Chan-won asks the 'Holmes' coordinators for a new nickname, Yang Se-chan suggests 'Certified Changaesa'. Lee Chan-won said, “I graduated from the Department of Economics and also took the first exam to become a licensed real estate agent. “I really like ‘Public Changaesa’,” he said.

At this event, Lee Chan-won reveals that he met Deok Team's Joo Woo-jae for the first time today and that they were together at the awards ceremony where the 'Joo Woo-jae Jjal' was created last year. Accordingly, the Holmes coordinators brought a lot of laughter by introducing Joo Woo-jae's 'Great job jjal' and the new 'Joo Woo-jae jjal' that has increased since joining Holmes.

Team Bok's Lee Chan-won heads to Jeju Island, where Hidden Coordinator is located, along with Deok Team's Yang Se-chan. When trot singer Ji-eun Yang appeared as Team Deok's hidden coordinator, Chan-won Lee greatly welcomed Ji-eun Yang and said, "We often ask her how she is. I make a one-sided phone call and discuss my concerns. “I’m calling you because I don’t have any sisters,” he said, drawing attention.

Yang Ji-eun, known as a Jeju Island native, said, “I have been living here since the days of Tamna, as per my ancestors. Born in Hallim, northwest of Jeju. After saying, "My father personally brought and planted those palm trees on Geumneung Beach," and when everyone does not believe him, he even submits a photo as evidence, surprising everyone.

The three head to Geumneung-ri, Hallim-eup, where Deok Team’s property is for sale. Yang Ji-eun said, “I lived in this area for a year and a half. When I was in middle school, I looked at Biyangdo from the rooftop of my house and thought, ‘There must be land beyond Biyangdo, right? “I decided every day that I would escape from Jeju,” he confesses.

Finding a house with a yard in Jeju for dogs will be broadcast on the same day at 10 PM on ‘Save Me!’ It will be revealed in ‘Holmes’.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google