Lee Mi-joo, ♥Song Bum-geun's love story, 3 years younger than her, revealed for the first time
Lee Mi-joo, ♥Song Bum-geun's love story, 3 years younger than her, revealed for the first time
'What do you do when you play?' The members talk about Mijoo's dating signals that they have captured so far.

On MBC's 'What Do You Do When You Play?' (directed by Kim Jin-yong, Jang Woo-sung, Wang Jong-seok, and So In-ji/written by Choi Hye-jeong), which airs today (4th), 'Spring Picnic' with 'Hangout Family' Kim Gwang-gyu, Kim Jong-min, Jessie, and Day6's Young K. He is pictured leaving.

On this day, Yoo Jae-seok, Haha, Joo Woo-jae, Lee Yi-kyung, and Park Jin-joo responded to Mi-joo’s public relationship by saying, “Now, finally! “My mouth was itching,” he says, excitedly opening the song. Yoo Jae-seok attracts attention by speaking honestly about Mi-joo's love signals that he catches every time he takes a break.

Then the brothers asked, “Where did you meet?” “What’s your charm?” I ask a lot of questions about things I’ve been curious about. Miju, who was embarrassed, begins her answer at her brothers' urging by mentioning “that friend.” Also, “Contrary to what it looks like… “He even reveals the unexpected charm of ‘that friend’ and turns the scene upside down.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jae-seok reacts like a 'real-life brother' who is both curious and not curious about his younger brother's love life. Even after Yoo Jae-seok asks the question, he struggles and says, “Don’t talk about it,” and is in pain, making people laugh.

As soon as Kim Jong-min sees Mi-ju, he pretends to know and continues congratulating her, saying, “I heard you love her?” On the other hand, Gwang-gyu Kim calmly says, “I saw the article,” and makes everyone burst into laughter by flashing his eyes and saying, “I have to go first.” Mijoo's love story, which caused even more trouble among her brothers, can be seen on MBC's 'What Do You Do When You Play?', which airs at 6:30 pm today (4th).

Photo courtesy = MBC 'What do you do when you hang out?'
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