'Prosecutor ♥' Kim Won-jun's daughter is 18 months old and weighs over 13 kg
'Prosecutor ♥' Kim Won-jun's daughter is 18 months old and weighs over 13 kg
During a meeting with a play school teacher, Kim Won-joon of 'Dad is a Middle-aged Child' bursts out laughing when he hears about his daughter's 'muksun' side, saying, "She eats a whole bowl of rice from an adult's bowl."

In the second episode of Channel A's 'Dad is a Flower Middle Age', which airs at 9:30 pm on the 25th (Thursday), Kim Won-jun goes through his daily life taking care of his second daughter, Ye-jin, who is 18 months old, and meets a play school teacher to discuss his concerns with 'Childcare.' Daddy's appearance is revealed.

On this day, Kim Won-jun is busy from the morning, taking his daughter, who attends play school, to school alone. After preparing Yejin's meals, washing her face, and preparing for daycare, she heads to the school. However, soon after, he didn't bring a water bottle and went back home, having a 'mental breakdown' and smelling salty. Kim Won-jun barely arrived at the play school on time and after sending Ye-jin to school, he requests a meeting with the teacher in charge. Afterwards, Kim Won-jun mentions Yejin's stocky physique, which is in the 'top 1%' among her peers, saying, "Yejin is cute, but she weighs over 13kg." The teacher in charge countered, “(Your body) is strong,” and added, “Yejin eats whatever she is given. “So we are adjusting it,” he explains.

Furthermore, the teacher said, “We feed him half a bowl of adult air, but he always asks for more. He vividly testifies, “I eat all that and even fruits.” Kim Won-jun, who burst into laughter at this, joked, “I’m afraid the (daycare center) officials might misunderstand that Ye-jin is being sent away starving,” and then asked again, “The child is such a voracious eater, so you’re well aware of that, right?” In a friendly atmosphere, Kim Won-jun also opens up about his concerns about raising children, saying, "Maybe it's because Ye-jin thinks of her father as a friend, so she hits me a lot." The teacher gives advice on how to discipline Ye-jin properly. At the same time, MC Kim Gu-ra, who was watching Kim Won-jun's passionate interview scene, surprised and impressed Kim Won-jun by detailing Ye-jin's extraordinary behavior at the daycare center, saying, "(Kim) Won-jun is better than most mothers. “Childcare is a good fit for you,” he continues to admire. Attention is drawn to Kim Won-jun’s childcare scene, which impressed everyone in the ‘Silent Daddy Club’, and Yejin’s ‘cute’ and ‘muk-sunii’ side.

Meanwhile, 'Dad is a Middle-aged Flower' captivated viewers by recording a viewership rating of 2.5% (based on Nielsen Korea paid broadcast households) from its first episode on the 18th, and also ranked 5th in the 'Today's Korea TOP 10' series on OTT platform Netflix. proved its explosive popularity. In addition, immediately after the broadcast, it became a hot topic by dominating popular news and content on various portal sites and SNS, and immediately became a popular family entertainment show.

The second episode of Channel A's family entertainment program 'Dad is a Middle-aged Child', which captures the child-rearing survival stories of fathers who are in their fifties and just over a thousand years old when they are asked to raise children, will be broadcast at 9:30 pm on the 25th (Thursday).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google