Lee Bo-young confesses to murder of her father in court
Lee Bo-young confesses to murder of her father in court
Lee Bo-young revealed to the world Oh Gwang-rok's crime of causing the death of Lee Cheong-ah's biological father 25 years ago.

In the 9th episode of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama, Coupang Play series 'Hyde', which aired on the 20th, the case of Na Seok-jin (Oh Gwang-rok), the biological father of Na Moon-young (Lee Bo-young), who murdered Ha Yeon-ju's (Lee Cheong-ah) biological father and lived by stealing his identity 25 years ago. The whole story was revealed, and Na Moon-young, who learned the truth, decided to pay for her crime and told the truth in court.

25 years ago, on the day Ha Jae-pil (Kim Geon-ho) came to Na Moon-young's house, Na Seok-jin returned home with his whole body wet and left behind the words to Na Moon-young, "Tell the police to find my dad." Upon hearing the news that Na Seok-jin had fallen from a cliff and drowned, Na Moon-young, who confirmed his identity, realized that he was not his biological father, but in order to escape from the shackles of reality, he perjured himself by saying that he was his biological father. The father and daughter, who became strangers and separated, met again 25 years later in a detention center.

Ha Yeon-joo's story of how her happy family broke up in an instant was also revealed. Ha Yeon-ju waited endlessly for Ha Jae-pil, who had met a friend 25 years ago and said he would stay for one night, but he never came back. “I really wanted to meet you and ask you. He said he wasn't coming. “Why did you ask me to wait?” After becoming an adult, she searched for her biological father’s whereabouts, but the person Ha Yeon-ju encountered was Na Seok-jin, who had stolen Ha Jae-pil’s identity. Afterwards, when she visited her father's grave, it looked as if it had been neglected for a long time, and Ha Yeon-ju, who was shedding tears, vowed revenge on Na Seok-jin and Na Moon-young.

Ha Yeon-ju asked Na Moon-young to prove Na Seok-jin's innocence in the 'Choi Mu-won murder case' trial. Na Moon-young, who was preparing for the trial and looking at case records from 25 years ago, learned that there was a wallet containing Na Seok-jin's ID card in the list of belongings. Proof that Na Seok-jin's statement that he died from a fall during a struggle is false. After learning that Na Seok-jin abandoned Ha Jae-pil, who was dying after falling from a cliff, and changed his identity, Na Moon-young suffered from feelings of regret and self-destruction toward Ha Yeon-ju. Na Moon-young said to Na Seok-jin, “Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office Wolverine.” That was my nickname. I decided to become a person who upholds principles without compromising. “I wanted to show my proud side when we meet again someday,” he said, adding that he would pay for his sins of turning a blind eye 25 years ago, regardless of whether he participated in the murder of former Chairman Choi Moo-won (Yeo Moo-young) or not.

Cha Seong-jae (Lee Moo-saeng), who came to visit Ha Jae-pil, emphasizes that he is a witness to the incident and urges him to confess that it was 'Ha Yeon-ju's order' or Choi Ho-sik (Joo Seok-tae)'s instructions. Ha Jae-pil is shaken by the words, "Attorney Na Moon-young is my wife." I felt puzzled when I saw it. After finding a photo of Na Moon-young and Na Seok-jin at Na Moon-young's house and realizing that Na Seok-jin is Ha Jae-pil, Cha Seong-jae sarcastically says, "How can anyone make fun of the fact that I pretended to be dead?" and claims that Na Moon-young was the teacher of Ha Yeon-ju's murder and Na Seok-jin. threatened to get him out on probation. Afterwards, Cha Seong-jae, who met Ha Yeon-joo, blinked when Ha Yeon-ju told him to testify that Na Seok-jin killed Chairman Choi Mu-won by handing over a power of attorney to withdraw 80 billion won from a Swiss bank.

The trial finally began, and as soon as the defense statement began, Na Moon-young shook the room by saying, “Defendant Ha Jae-pil confessed to murdering the victim, Choi Mu-won, and also admitted to all the facts of the indictment.” In addition, Na Seok-jin confessed that there was an error in Ha Jae-pil's identity and that he caused Ha Jae-pil's death through intentional murder and stole his identity. Ha Yeon-ju, who was distorted with veins standing in her eyes, roared at Na Moon-young, “I told you not to apologize carelessly.” As it is, tension is rising as to whether the revenge will end against Ha Yeon-joo's wishes.

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