Kim Hwan-hee “I went to Hanyang University with a full scholarship”
Kim Hwan-hee “I went to Hanyang University with a full scholarship”
Actor Kim Hwan-hee shows off his extraordinary talent behind the scenes.

On the JTBC entertainment show 'Actor's Club', which will be aired on the 20th, the youngest resident, actor Kim Hwan-hee, who gave a captivating performance in the movie 'The Wailing' and left behind the catchphrase "What the hell is Jungheondi", will appear. Kim Hwan-hee is expected to become an icon of coup d'état by showing off his basic acting skills and diverse talents.

First, Kim Hwan-hee transforms into a sound director for a student musical at the university he is attending and reveals a 'cool' moment, attracting attention. Kim Hwan-hee's skill in controlling the console while focusing on the actors' voices is admirable.

While rehearsals were proceeding smoothly, an emergency situation occurred that confused sound director Kim Hwan-hee. A situation unfolds that is so embarrassing and urgent that even the professor could not have predicted it. It is said that Kim Sun-young responded, “I was trying to reduce the amount of broadcast time,” and Cha Chung-hwa responded, “The entertainment god is in there.” Curiosity is rising as to what happened.

In addition, Kim Hwan-hee gained the sympathy of the neighborhood members by revealing the reason why he chose to become a sound director after working as a staff member in various fields such as props and lighting. In particular, Kim Ji-seok adds to the fun by becoming overly immersed in Kim Hwan-hee, who confessed that he felt inadequate after taking acting classes. It is said that while showing a reaction that deeply understands Kim Hwan-hee's feelings, he also trembled and said "Why, why, why are you crying" when Kim Hwan-hee, who was immersed in acting practice, cried.

Jo Han-cheol, a father with a son, falls in love with Kim Hwan-hee's smart charm. This is because I heard that he received a full scholarship as a top student in the Department of Theater and Film at Hanyang University, which produced famous actors. While everyone is praising Kim Hwan-hee, class president Kim Seon-young, who is stricter than anyone else when it comes to evaluating residents, declared that she would give up on the first screening of 'Actors' Association', saying, "I don't think we can do the screening today, right?", drawing attention as to why.

‘Actors’ Association’ will be broadcast at 7:10 pm on the 20th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google