Kim Ji-min's shocking confession, "I don't do skinship with Kim Jun-ho"
Kim Ji-min's shocking confession, "I don't do skinship with Kim Jun-ho"
Jeon Jin and his wife Ryu Yi-seo shock Kim Ji-min with their 'rich skinship' couple.

In TV Chosun's 'Joseon's Lover', which airs on the 22nd, Kim Ji-min visits Jeon Jin and Ryu Yi-seo's sweet home. When Kim Ji-min enters the house with Ryu Yi-seo, Jeon Jin, who ‘hopes for Ryu Yi-seo’, hugs Ryu Yi-seo as if he and his wife have met for the first time in a very long time. Choi Seong-guk is surprised and asks, “America?”, and Hwang Bo-ra also says, “We broke up for a while,” and is surprised to see Jeon Jin, a ‘straight-forward man’ dripping with honey. On the other hand, Kim Ji-min grumbles, “Oh my, what are you doing?”

Kim Ji-min, who sees Jin-jin's 'lover' side with a lot of skinship, interrogates Jin-jin, saying, "You hug me as soon as you come home, you do that every time?" However, Jeon Jin instead says, “I hugged you?” Kim Ji-min just watches in amazement at the couple, Jun-jin and Ryu I-seo, who have daily skinship, saying, “I didn’t even know they were hugging.”

Ryu Yi-seo reveals their newlywed daily life, full of skinship from the moment they open their eyes until they go to bed, saying, “I kiss and hug before going to bed, and when I wake up I hug.” In comparison, Kim Ji-min was a 'skinshipless' lover who was accustomed to sitting separately from her boyfriend Kim Jun-ho even when they were in the same house. Choi Seong-guk sums up the couple of Ryu Yi-seo, Jeon Jin, Kim Ji-min, and Kim Jun-ho in one word, saying, “LA and Gyeongseong.”

‘Gyeongseong Woman’ Kim Ji-min said, “I walk around with my hands sealed. “I’m afraid someone will hold my hand,” he said, making everyone laugh as he revealed his special secret of not even touching his fingertips even when walking with Kim Jun-ho. Jin-jin then asks, “So what about their first kiss?” and wonders about another skinship, but Kim Ji-min shocks them by answering, “Hold your back.”

The culture shock scene of the 'Gyeongseong woman' Kim Ji-min and the 'skinship rich' couple Jun Jin and Ryu Yi-seo will be revealed on 'Joseon's Lover', which airs at 10 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google