Choi Woo-sung bowed his head due to a mistake in speech.
Choi Woo-sung bowed his head due to a mistake in speech.
Actor Choi Woo-sung made people laugh with a surprising slip of the tongue.

On the 18th, a production presentation for MBC's new Friday-Saturday drama 'Investigation Chief 1958' was held at MBC Golden Mouse Hall in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Actors Lee Je-hoon, Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Woo-sung, Yoon Hyun-soo and director Kim Seong-hoon attended the event.

'Investigation Chief 1958' is a prequel to 'Investigation Chief', which wrote the history of Korean investigative dramas, and is set in 1958, when detective Park Young-han (played by Lee Je-hoon) was appointed to Seoul. It tells the story of Detective Park Young-han, who specializes in apprehending petty thieves in a barbaric era, as he teams up with three unique colleagues to break the absurdities of corrupt power with common sense and become a detective for the people. Director Kim Seong-hoon, who directed the films 'Confidential Assignment' and 'Rampant', took the lead.

Choi Woo-sung takes on the role of Gyeong-hwan Cho, the ‘brown-armed man’ of the Jongnam Police Station, who grows from a young man from a rice farm to a bulldozer police officer with a strong sense of justice. When asked how he felt when he was cast, Choi Woo-sung said, "I was shocked when I first heard that I had been cast." When MC Park Kyung-rim corrected the word to say 'teolteoreum' instead of 'teolteoreum', the scene erupted in laughter.

Choi Woo-sung apologized and said, “I was right. I’m sorry.” He added, “After I was cast, I looked up what kind of person Kyung-hwan Kyung was, and I saw that he had a really big figure. I started eating with the thought that I should follow this figure. I gained about 25 kg. “I really wanted to do it,” he said.

‘Investigation Team Leader 1958’ will premiere on the 19th at 9:50 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google